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Thread: General Holosun pistol optic thread

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    Very interested to hear how printing is with a 509 vs an ACRO vs 507.

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    Got some mileage on mine. Student used it during my red dot transition course I taught, and I ran it at team training today. The 1.1x is not noticeable in practical usage. Made hits on C zone back to 100y today pretty easily. I've decided personally I don't like the EOTech reticle, too busy and I'm used to just shooting a dot. More things to look at when I'm trying to pay attention to what the dot is doing... YMMV.

    The brightness on this guy is excellent. I actually had to turn it down 3-4 from the top to have a nice crisp dot that wouldn't bloom. Most other optics I run one down from the top (RMR/Acro). So plus there.

    My only real gripe at this point is that the damn adjustments are a with proprietary screwdriver-ish type tool. I didn't have the factory tool with me today and we tried a variety of things to be able to dial it up some. I ended up using the tip of my knife jammed into the adjustments. Why couldn't they have made it 2mm wider and every small flat head screwdriver on the planet would have fit it? Grumble.

    Overall, really liking it.

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    I have been using my 509T a few days, and continue to be quite impressed. Assuming it is as weather resistant as an Acro, it is enough smaller in external dimensions to conceal much easier.

    The small adjustment slot is common to multiple Holosun pistol optics ó maybe Trijicon patented the larger slot.
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    This was my first time using a MRDS for more than "range fun". I utilized my Holosun 507C V2, on a G-19 with a CHPW plate during a LTT Advanced class Mid Sept in WV. Had no issues with the optic, I experimented with the different reticle options, ended up going with the dot. The auto adjustment mode worked great during the day, I think for daily carry I would use the manual mode. I'm no expert on the glass, it seemed clear to me, no color shading or magnification. Overall I like the Holosun optic. (I have X2 LP DPP on G17 that I have used for some IDPA nothing serious). I would and will buy more Holosun products. Now to take a specific RDS class.


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    There are just enough 509Ts sneaking out there to keep me interested. I saw that Agency had some yesterday. C&H a couple weeks ago.

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    I have 2 HolosunV2 407c RDS. I just had to return one to Brownells as the dot would not hold zero. If you tapped the sight the dot would move to the right. All mounting screws were tight and it was fitted to a CHPWS V4 Plate. The other seems fine so far.
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    I have a 509T in hand, but the slide that itíll go on is at CHPWS for a custom plate. Sig and their wonderful world of mounting patterns and sight configurations....

    Will report further upon mounting and shooting the combo.
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    To date, I have not been overly impressed with Holosun pistol optics ó ok for a price point, but not my first choice. However, the 509T so far, has changed my opinion. The display is large enough to feel good shooting, while the external footprint is concealable, the auto intensity seems good, and you get a sealed emitter. For a carry dot, if it proves reliable and the battery works to spec, this may be my favorite carry dot.

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    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    Would love a visual RMR size comparison from the standpoint of concealing on a MOS gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vandal View Post
    Would love a visual RMR size comparison from the standpoint of concealing on a MOS gun.

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