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Thread: Minneapolis PD Suspect Dies On Video While Handcuffed. FBI Investigating.

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    Active duty troops from Ft Bragg enroute to DC, confirmed by Pentagon according to

    Insurrection Act is a "go", I guess?
    "Are you ready? Okay. Let's roll."- Last words of Todd Beamer

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGS View Post
    Active duty troops from Ft Bragg enroute to DC, confirmed by Pentagon according to

    Insurrection Act is a "go", I guess?
    Whelp, even without COVID 19 - pretty sure I'd be told to not come into work... Hopefully shit doesn't go full tilt in DC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    The Buffalo incident reinforces the reality that vehicles can be used as weapons. Should help LE and NG in situations like these.

    Minnesota National Guard Opened Fire on a Vehicle, Commander Says

    A soldier in Minneapolis opened fire on a speeding vehicle that posed a threat Sunday night -- the second known instance of a National Guard member discharging a weapon during the nationwide mass protests, the Minnesota National Guard commander said Monday.

    "Our soldier fired three rounds from his rifle in response to a direct threat" from a vehicle that drove at a position held by local law enforcement supported by the Guard, said Army Maj. Gen. Jon Jensen, adjutant general of the Minnesota National Guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Lehr View Post
    This is not snarky, honest question: how much civil disturbance training do you think guard units have been able to do in the last decade?

    I would think not enough because we decided to fight the GWOT on the backs of the guard and reserve so as to not upset America with a draft.

    And, trust me I am not saying anything derogatory about the active component - neighbors nephew was Marines, four years, three overseas deployments.

    Rant off. Legit question about riot control, though.
    How much Civil Disturbance training do you think Minneapolis PD has had? I mean they obviously werenít keeping up with the basics of not shooting the yoga teacher reporting party on calls and proper positioning for suspects in medical distress.
    My neighbors nephew was a cop, so I know this stuff.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterb View Post
    Also this:

    Floyd's younger brother, Terence Floyd, spoke out against the chaos erupting in cities all over the country, calling for an end to the destruction. He also urged protesters to express their rage and dissatisfaction at the voting booth.

    "Educate yourself and know who you're voting for. And that's how we're going to hit them," he said. "There's a lot of us. ... It's a lot of us," he shouted emotionally.

    "Let's switch up. Let's do this peacefully, please," he pleaded.
    So he is encouraging them to vote for Conservative Republicans? Because Minneapolis hasnít seen one of those in forever. I guess he canít figure out that the people who decided that climate change, marijuana and transgender rights And social justice as a priority over how to deal with arrestees in medical crisis. This is the problem....

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    For those having trouble understanding how to differentiate between protesters and rioters, it is a simple formula. When the police declare that it is an unlawful assembly and you donít become the problem and have joined those who have decided to bee forcibly removed.

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    Want to see a Karen completely mauled? This is righteous!

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    "carbine-infested rural (and suburban) areas"
    I think it's been reasonable for awhile to compare organizing a peaceful protest in this environment to leaving steaks out around a camp site in bear country or playing with matches in a high fire danger forest. It may not be you tearing stuff up and injuring people, but the events that unfold follow so predictably and obviously from your actions that I don't see how one could claim no responsibility.

    If you really want peace, stay the hell out of the streets for awhile. Stop providing cover and opportunity for the bad people everyone knows are just waiting for the chance to do bad things.
    Not another dime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranger View Post
    The so called "State Mission" is a standard training set for ARNG as part of the annual training plan. Part of the "GWOT" train-up was heavily focused on interacting with unhappy crowds - our Brigade sized units completed a pre-deployment rotation at the NTC in CA (Heavy units) or CTC in LA (Light units) for several weeks and regularly interacted with role players in civil disturbance scenarios before every deployment overseas. Our Infantry Brigade has made multiple year long deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The units got a refresher in Civil Disturbance at their Assembly Areas before moving out (that was on FaceBook so not a secret). The last decade provided multiple and extensive training opportunities of every kind imaginable.

    Also, as pointed out in earlier thread - lots of law enforcement, EMTs, firemen, correction officers and first responders of every kind represented in the National Guard along with every other kind of trade and skill in our civilian world.
    Thanks for the info, and duh! I should have figured that out. I retired from the reserves in May 2001, so didn't have any experience with any of that.

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    how did it get to this point?! not conducting realistic training scenarios?

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