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Thread: Getting a Ruger MK lV threaded

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    Getting a Ruger MK lV threaded

    Who is the go to for threading my Ruger MKlV ? I emailed gemtech but they never got back to me. I guess since S&W bought them they stopped threading barrels

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    I hadn't heard that. If that's the case, it's a shame. Gemtech did really lovely work. They threaded my Mark II 22/45 a bunch of years ago...

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    This is why you should have gotten a Buck Mark. Swap barrels all you want.
    Not another dime.

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    This might be an option if you can't find anyone but it has to go to an FFL:


    Might even ask VQ if they'd thread yours?
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    Contact these folks....

    They may be able to help you. The Silencerco field rep told me I made a great choice when I bought their .22 can. I love my Elite Iron 6" Echo. They also, according to the inteweb rumor mill, build an outstanding integrally suppressed Ruger on customer supplied guns.


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