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Thread: Hogue Doug Ritter RSK mk1-G2

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    Hogue Doug Ritter RSK mk1-G2

    Iím sorry, Iíve never actually had a BM Ritter Griptilian. I had a cheaper plain Grip years and years ago that I donít really remember.

    Here are a few pics of it in hand. My hands are pretty small as a side note. My 105lb wife has almost the same size hands as me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newyork View Post
    Thanks. The pics suggest a quality of construction far superior to the standard BM Griptilian. I'm very tempted.

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    You will be satisfied. Itís a great value.
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    My wife got me one of these with orange scales for Fatherís Day. Sweet little knife. Thanks for recommending it!

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    Jeez, Hogue is making some sexy knives. I had no idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Jeez, Hogue is making some sexy knives. I had no idea.
    Yeah, this is a new discovery for me also. The Ritter looks awesome, and I may have to have one.

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    I just love seeing this.

    Screw you chainsaws and bidets. Knives rule!
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