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Thread: 9mm loads

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    @CCT125US - Iíve had to do a similar thing for my 9x19s. The tightest chamber among them is in the P99c, so I use that barrel for the plunk test when Iím working up loads. The Berettas and CZs donít seem to mind.

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    My current load is 3.6 grains of 231 with a 147 grain coated roundhouse at 1.14 oal which chronos right around 900 fps in a P30SK and around 920 in a P99, with very little deviation. Pretty accurate and clean, and close enough to full power carry ammo for quality practice sessions without beating on the gun unnecessarily. I had been using flatpoints but switched to roundhouse as both the P30SK and the P99 required the flatpoints to be seated deeper than I liked. Walter PPS didn't care though, go figure. I like the 147s both for recoil characteristics and for the fact that they impact a little higher and I like my point of impact to be at or above the top of the front sight rather than below it.

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    I finally got out the chronograph that had been gathering dust in the garage. Before I began my journey as a professional D class shooter in USPSA, I never really cared about power factors.

    Much to my surprise the loads I had been using for the last 4 pounds of a proprietary powder blend all chronoed above the base line for minor power factor. Unfortunately one of my PCC's likes shorter COAL's and I ran out of my gift powder.

    This is my first shot with this so tell me if something looks bad.

    Bullet: RMR 124gr JHP Powder: WinClean 244 Primer: CCI #500 COAL: 1.075 UNLESS NOTED 10 SHOT STRINGS

    3.3gr WinClean 244 SIG P320 X5 Legion 14 shot string
    HIGH: 946 Low: 874 Extreme Spread: 72 fps
    AVE: 902.8 SD: 19.39

    3.6gr WinClean 244 SIG P320 X5 Legion
    HIGH: 1055 Low: 993 Extreme Spread: 62 fps
    AVE: 1,010.3 SD: 17.748

    3.8gr WinClean 244 SIG P320 X5 Legion
    HIGH: 1065 Low: 993 Extreme Spread: 72 fps
    AVE: 1,029.3 SD: 17.83

    3.8gr WinClean 244 GLOCK 17
    HIGH: 1073 Low: 1033 Extreme Spread: 40 fps
    AVE: 1,052.1 SD: 10.16 PF: 130.46

    4.0gr WinClean 244 SIG P320 X5 Legion
    HIGH: 1076 Low: 1048 Extreme Spread: 28 fps (NINE SHOT STRING)
    AVE: 1,063.8 SD: 9.79 PF: 131.9

    4.0gr WinClean 244 GLOCK 17
    HIGH: 1118 Low: 1069 Extreme Spread: 49 fps
    AVE: 1,087.6 SD: 11.93 PF: 134.8

    I was shooting through the chrono at a USPSA torso with a 4 inch black sticker for a bullseye. 3.8 and 4.0 shot best in the Legion, group sizes were meh because I have presbyopia and if the front sight is clear, well nothing else is - they were 60% in the bull the rest circling. The Glock 17 has an RMR on it - one raggedy hole.

    Shooting one right after the other really accentuates the differences in weight, the Glock was a little snappy at 4.0, the Sig just kinda sits there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCT125US View Post
    Working up a new load using Barry's 147 Hybrid Hollow Point....
    That's pretty cool. I have a bunch of those that I bought at SHOT when they came out, and always wondered how they would perform
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    The SDs tightened up at 3.8 and 4 grains, and you said the accuracy did too. If it were me, Iíd settle on 4 grains and call it good. As a general rule, you want to be at least 5 over power factor to account for differences in chronos and temperature changes.

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