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Thread: Wheelgun Challenge I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nesbitt View Post
    I've found that all fiber optic sights are not the same. I have the same problem described here with some sights.

    I prefer Dawson fiber optic sights. They use a smaller diameter fiber optic rod, plus it is recessed into the face of the sight. It gives you the quick pick up of the fiber but you can still see and use the black flat top of the front sight.
    This. The counter-bored face of Dawson’s fiber fronts are what keep the fiber looking nice and tight. Their sets are generally pretty good, but I’ve been finding their rear notches might be a little tight for my preferences lately, so I might play with that a bit.

    They do make Ruger front sights though. I would recommend at least giving them a look.

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    I've had the same experience as Bill with the Dawson FO on a Kahr pistol that it is mounted on. Works wel for me.

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    I have Dawson carry sights on 2 Glock pistols, and when the tritium in them dies, they are getting replaced with the same Dawson carry sights. I do like Dawson sights.

    However, one of the two fiber optics that shot incredibly high despite being very close in height to the factory sight was a Dawson sight for a Browning Buck Mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Cartwright View Post
    The reason I removed the fiber optic post was because I tended to shoot high with it because I was focusing on the dot as opposed to the top of the front sight.
    Same here. I find FOs or any multi-color front sight a distraction to precision shooting.

    My preferred sight picture is a plain ol black Patridge post on a 6.5" S&W. For my 4" field revolvers, I'm looking for a solid-color post about 1/10" wide.

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