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Thread: Official SIG Rattler owner/fan-boy/nut-hugger thread

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    Is the MCX really that gasy with a can? Worse than most Ar15?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    The core idea is a more heads-up position for CQB work and/or mounted on a weapon where a check weld is difficult to establish. You don't need a cheek weld, more of a "chin weld" to get a nice view through the optic.

    A lot of the braces/tubes out there for pistol-type ARs/PDWs are thin and have short/flexible "butts" (braces) that don't provide the firmest base to begin with, making cheek welds more difficult to acquire and keep when shooting.

    I'm interesting to see what Craig thinks after running some live rounds through the mount. I'm 'skeptical', but I was skeptical of higher mounts initially and have come around to the idea after some use. A lot of it depends on your view of how the stock/brace/tube shoulder interface. A tubed-only PDW provides such a small contact patch for shouldering that a nose to the charging handle is very difficult to establish with shorter height mounts, even for a short necked dude like myself.
    1.93” mounts originally were a thing because that is exactly how high optics mounts needed to be in order to clear IR lasers mounted at 12 o’clock on quad rails.

    As they got used side benefits such as the better vision and visibility of the more upright head position, ease of use with plate carriers, gas masks and NODS were noticed.

    The move to higher 2.08 and 2.26” mounts is largely driven by NODS among actual users which in turn makes it fashionable.

    For class / fast CQB shooting high mounts are advantageous, especially to those of us with less neck flexibility.

    For longer range / SPR/DMR stuff 1.5” and now 1.7” are still preferable.

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    @GJM @SouthNarc I can't remember if I posted the measurements on this thread or the PDW one, but the Rattler rail is about .33 inches higher than an AR-15, so a 1.93 mount on it would match the Unity on an AR, if that's what you're after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norville View Post
    Canebrake in the house

    WooHoo! Welcome to The Club!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norville View Post
    Canebrake in the house
    Where is @RevolverRob and his Canebrake? Bueller? :P

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    With a few hundred more rounds through my rattler, I’ve noticed another positive for my situation.

    With the blast and noise being similar to a 14-16in 5.56, and a very slight penalty in recoil if any, the rattler is significantly easier for smaller weaker people to wield than a 16in AR. If I hand my wife or my friends wife a 16in rifle in the popular full length rail format, their arms tire very quickly. Add a light or laser and a front sight near the muzzle and it’s a chore for them.

    The light weight of the rattler combined with how compact that weight is has led multiple women to comment on how much easier it is for them to handle. This is an important bonus for me with a gun I may have to hand off to a family member in an emergency.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey View Post
    Where is @RevolverRob and his Canebrake? Bueller? :P

    Soon™ (<3 weeks before I bail out of here and make a beeline for my FFL in Tejas)
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    On a somewhat related/tangential note - GoRuck has GR1s on sale for 35% off.

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    Rattler on the range today.

    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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