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Last night was pretty dead in our town, so I hung out for a few hours in a parking lot with my buddy who is night supervisor for the PD, and we talked 'til 1 a.m.

Somewhere around midnight, I was mentioning P-F and that the Rattler is the latest rage, and what did he think of that? Because no offense to anyone here, but I *know* my buddy, and he's flesh and blood and up to date on this stuff. Anyway, he's like, yep man...that's the real deal. You should have one.

Then mentioned that a couple of cars have recently been shot up by other cars driving by in this and the neighboring county, and said the Rattler would've been a handy little piece to have if that sort of thing went down. So now you $*#&#^('s have me thinking about spending more money.

I'm going to fight it for now though.
Dude, a PD Supervisor said you should have one, that's almost like a Purchase Order Authorization.