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Thread: Handwrap storage and use - rolled up or messy storage? What storage bag?

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    Handwrap storage and use - rolled up or messy storage? What storage bag?

    How does everyone handle handwraps? I never rolled mine up, it seemed like a silly waste of time because to put them on you have to fully unroll them anyway. It's not like medical coban where you want it on the roll because you wrap it from the roll and use the roll as pressure for the wrap.

    Yeah they curl slightly when I keep them messy but it only adds a couple seconds to wrapping my hands as compared to maybe a full minute or so to roll them up against themselves after each use and they can't drop out if rolled up as well.

    What I did in the past was just take the handwraps after use and smoosh them in a delicates laundry bra zippered pouch. And maybe 3 to 4 gym sessions they'd smell and I drop it in the laundry already in the mesh bag. But I lost my bra bag a while back and now my blog of handwraps is just in the bottom of my gym bag looking ugly and tangling on things lol.

    For long term storage in my closet I sometimes roll them up again so it's less messy. But the pair I'm actively using for the week I never bothered.

    Perhaps I've been doing it wrong all these years and rolling them up has benefit that I didn't appreciate at the time? I'm open to changing. What's the prescribed method for handwrap storage and laundering?

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    Spring for the big bucks on this one. JMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidheshooter View Post

    Spring for the big bucks on this one. JMO.
    Thanks, I looked a few months ago and saw something similar, from a different company also on amazon and it had 2 out of 5 star reviews, with people claiming it fell apart after a couple months.

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    I always hang mine up and straight until they are dry. Then I roll them up. When I was training weekly at as boxing gym, I threw them in my bag until I got to my car, and then laid them out over the back of the seat to dry out. I found doing that kept them stink free, and they lasted for years. It takes a few more minutes of time to treat them that way, but it never bugged me

    I always preferred wrapping my hands from a roll since it was much easier to get the correct level of pressure in the wrap - not too much, but not too loose. I found from the roll, it was much, much more consistent.
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    Hand wrap storage

    Go to Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. & look for a plastic extension cord wrapper. At Home Depot they are orange & cost about $2 (Extension cord reel storage wrap) Ladder shaped 18 inches in length & 3 1/2 inches wide. Purchase two. When you remove your wraps after working out they will be soaked through with sweat. Wrap them around the extension cord wrapper tautly. They will dry straight & untangled. 2 of the cord reel storage wraps will easily fit in a gy bag with your other belongings. When ready to hit the bags again simply unroll them from the reel storage wrap & wrap your hands. This will be simple because the wraps will be straight & untangled with no kinks. When you wash them place them in a net bag & put them in your washer. Note if you’re using bright red (Ringside) or brightly colored wraps they will bleed the first time you clean them in your washing machine so don’t toss them in with your wife or girlfriend’s clothes or your husbands/ boyfriend’s whichever case applies.

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    I hang em to dry, then roll them up.

    Makes 'em nice and flat for next session.

    And I feel like I'm respecting my equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViniVidivici View Post
    I hang em to dry, then roll them up.

    Makes 'em nice and flat for next session.

    And I feel like I'm respecting my equipment.
    Same here. I wash them in a bag then hang them over a door. Actually i use the top of the door to get the wrinkles out then let them hang dry.
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