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Thread: Century Light Padded "Bag Gloves" - Any Good? Use for What?

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    Century Light Padded "Bag Gloves" - Any Good? Use for What?

    I have a pair of 15 to 20 year old Century light padded bag gloves that are maybe like 4 to 6 oz gloves with a little foam bar in the grip part. I'll try to upload a picture here.Name:  iu.jpg
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    I'm doing a little spring cleaning and I haven't used these in forever. When I hit the heavy bag, I usually put on handwraps plus a foam knuckle pad and then 16oz gloves over that. I can't wear these little gloves over handwraps since they'd be too tight and they are not meant for that, the wrist strap is meant to be the hand wrap. Back in the day, people used to buy these gloves and remove the foam core insert so you could do filipino stick work with them since MMA gloves didn't exist. But now that MMA gloves do exist and I have a pair, are these gloves doing me any good? What should I use them for if anything?

    For focus mitt or paddle work, I have a 10oz pair of quality boxing gloves that I wear, usually without any wraps. So the idea that these century gloves might be good to get on and off fast during a workout don't help because my 10oz are good for that purpose.

    Maybe I should cut the foam bar out of the palm and keep as a backup pair of MMA gloves?

    Or should I donate these century gloves to a boxing gym or something because they are a waste of space in my closet?

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    give them to a single parent w young boys, thats what i did w/ all my bargain bin gloves

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