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Thread: Poor Man's Giraud

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post

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    I may have a plan.

    The center hole for primers to drop through on the X-Press is almost exactly 1/4” chuck size. Trouble is you can’t insert a 1/4” bit and get the shell holder into the shell-holder-holder.

    I just took some measurements of that hole though and I bet I could grind a hex lock nut mostly round. The primer chute is tapered. So a nut that fits firmly at the base wouldn’t push through to the top. Some JB weld...the. Snap it into the shell-holder-holder and screw some all thread or even a hex bolt in until it locks into place. Some lube to help it spin...I bet it will work. I’m going to order up some bits and pieces and some spare X-Press shell holders and give it a go.

    In theory, that would allow one to use a Lee Quick Trim Die and the Quick Trim blade, but simply locked in place and instead rotate the shell, overcoming the APP’s odd handle shape to allow trimming to occur quickly.
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    A bit north of 1,000 cases sized and trimmed and 500 loaded. Load is mixed brass, Remington small rifle primers and 14.0 grains of H110. Speer 110 grain TMJ bullet seated to 1.68. Actually more like 1.678...

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