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Thread: Phlster Pro Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobLoblaw View Post
    I have one of those for a G43. Mine is the old wedge style but it has even more excess material beneath the dust cover. Either the newer one works a lot better or I'm not explaining myself well. This is what digs in my hip crease:

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    I understand what you're saying. Sounds like you need to move it a little to the left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobLoblaw View Post
    The most uncomfortable part of the AIWB holster (for me anyways) has always been the extra plastic under the dust cover where the wing bolts on/retention adjustment. I don't have a lot of room so it digs into the crease of my leg when seated for long periods of time. Years ago, JMCK used to fold the body side plastic over this portion and it worked really well. Easy enough to live with but I wonder if this design would eliminate the issue or just create a different one.
    You've been around long enough that I imagine you've tried it, but I always found the original JMCK aiwb's better than the wing versions in this regard. The claw versions conceal a longer grip better, for me, though.
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    Here are some pictures that show that area of the Pro Series on Glock 17 and P320 version.

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    I received my PRO holster a few days after they were released. I opted not to use any of the provided hardware and had a newer set of Mod 4's that DCC sent me to try out.

    There were a few inquiries on various forms of social media inquiring about the thickness of the holster, so I took a photo to show the difference between a Henry Holsters Flint for a G17 and the PHLster PRO also for a G17.

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