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Thread: IDPA - appendix carry?

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    On the original topic, I shot AIWB at the GA State match, and it's reached a level of ubiquity where staff didn't really bat an eye, other than noting that they'd never seen anyone run a wheelgun AIWB before.

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    While Ridge Crossing's regular schedule is First Saturday (and often another day and maybe an evening in Summer) they are apparently resting up after the Southern Belle ladies' match and will offer IDPA Nov 12 and 19. I will be there, health and weather permitting, on the 19th, shooting at Brock's Gap (Birmingham) on the 12th.

    Where were your speed loaders?
    Code Name: JET STREAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Watson View Post
    Where were your speed loaders?
    If we're looking at a clock face, I had them at about 10-11 o'clock. I run a weak hand reload so it's about where I'd keep them if I carried a reload in the real world.

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