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Thread: Spyderco fanboy thread

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    What's that guy in the middle there? Salt fixe blade?

    Quote Originally Posted by Willard View Post
    Does the above offend? If you have paid to be here, you can click here to put it in context.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    What's that guy in the middle there? Salt fixe blade?
    Yes. Aqua Salt.

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    @momano that's a useful pic for me to examine the grip on the Subway. I've carried an Izula on and off for years, and for me it's a 3.5 finger grip. I'm guessing the Subway Bowie is a 2 finger grip?
    for me it's a 2.5 finger grip and the lanyard is necessary.

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    PM2 dealer exclusive S90V

    DLT Trading is offering another run of their exclusive PM2 with OD Green scales and DLC coated S90V blade:

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    One of these is a Spyderco

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    A few more

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    Smoothest opening & closing. I actually think the Taichung plant puts out better products than Golden or Seki City at least in terms of fit & finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momano View Post
    Just Arrived~ with Izula for size comparison

    Attachment 93208
    Thanks for the pic, this one interested me quite alot... enough to recommend it to my ex... who needs something under 3" for carry in Michigan.

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    I just bought a pair of Matriarchs, after my wife showed interest in a James Keating video, in which he demoíed the Civilian. I have been a fan of the Civilian, since forever, but, it is a bit large for some female hands, and is larger than some men want to carry concealed. (I do tend to buy Spyderco knives, in twos and threes.)

    Edited to add: With the decline of my right wrist/arm/shoulder, due to age, wear, and tear, I am reverting to carrying the Civilian, to use as a serious defensive option. In the Nineties, and into this century, I tended to carry one Civilian, during personal time, and two of them while in police uniform, with one Civilian clipped, high center-line, to the front of my concealed body armor. I trended toward other blades, as I learned more about knife defense, but as the forward-thrusting capability of my right arm has all but disappeared, a reach-out-and-rip blade makes plenty of sense, again. (Yes, Iíll need to work more, on the forward thrust, with the left hand.)
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