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Thread: Question for GJM & others CZ 527?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yute View Post
    Kinda went down the CZ527 hole a few years back and eventually had a .223 rebarreled into 6.8SPC. IIRC John Brandstatter used the 7.62x39 bottom metal and a 270 barrel.

    Handy rifle. A RDS would make it even better.

    What peep and front sight are those? Looks like an XS rear and tech sights front?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandbj View Post
    What peep and front sight are those?

    XS Tall Weaver Rear Sight

    Brockman Front Sight

    The combination current does shoot high even with the front sight maxed out/rear sight bottomed out at 25 yards.

    Looking at the NECG rear as a possible replacement.

    Thanks for the mount info!

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