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Thread: I present Project KAC SNEK!

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    I present Project KAC SNEK!

    I'm known for making belligerent builds. My URGI is hated for it's offensive color scheme/build parts. So I'm prepared to assault some people's sensibilities by mating an SR16 upper to a PSA $50 lower...... I have to admit, though I'm embarrassed to say I forgot his name on arfcom/here I think, but I was inspired to build this based on a build I saw. I wanted something handy for a truck gun and something that could do "MOST" without running into too many issues. To have a car kit if things went really bad that wouldn't kill me to lug around if my vehicle went down and I had to get home. I also primarily live/work in an urban and urban sprawl environment so shots outside of 300 yards while not out of the realm of possibility, are not going to really be necessary. However I don't like being that guy that says it can't happen to me.

    Also I have to say shooting this thing before adding the optic, I tended to over drive the rifle because I'm used to AR's heavier than 6lbs, or whatever this thing was before. IT was TOO light. I was entertaining keeping the Comp M5 in the Scalarworks lower 1/3rd I stole off of my SR15 for pictures. While it was surprisingly accurate with just the M300 and KAC irons, I wanted more out of it. This SR16 upper is also not shot out and can produce decent groups. I got 1MOA at 50 yards on Irons with 77gr BH TMKS. I'm going to stretch it out with the P4Xi after I zero it to see what I can do. The last piece I'm missing which I have prepared this KAC-SNEK build to receive is the KAC QDC suppressor. Which honestly this thing desperately needs. I guess according to Ash Hess this also qualifies to be a "Driveway Special" but I know he prefers his 1-6x. He's around my area where I'm stationed here in FL so......maybe I'll see him at an SPR match to check it out. IT has taken me years, but I have finally cloned not a service weapon, but a setup I saw online and thought would be just as awesome as it truly is in hand. This is more about realizing the potential of a build and appreciating the completion of a quest I set out on a long time ago. I know there's a lot of threads on this shit lately, so I'm not trying to wear you out, only show off my accomplishment.

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    I'm taking it out to zero the P4Xi on Sunday. I really like the P4Xi btw, insane clarity for the money and I know they've gone up in MSRP sadly. But I don't feel like the glass is insanely clear. More so than any other 1-4 I've looked through. But I haven't messed with the NF 1-4 or anything S&B may have made that I'm not aware of.

    Here is the build list for those wondering/wanting to do something similar:

    -KAC SR-16 upper
    -KAC 21057 buffer with sprinco blue spring (no the upper didn't come with it.......thanks KAC)
    -PSA (yes I know) "NO STEP ON SNEK" Lower
    -SBA3 with a multicam black sling
    -KAC trigger guard
    -BCM MOD 3 gunfighter pistol grip
    -Geissele SSA
    -Geissele standard lower parts kit
    -KAC little triangle hand stop thingy that cost me $40 and I feel stupid for paying for.....but it is also necessary
    -Surefire M300 Scout w/SR07 switch
    -Raptor SD NP3 coated Charging handle
    -Steiner P4Xi in a Scalarworks 30mm LEAP mount (Someone ate all of the Geissele 30mm super precision mounts.....but this one isn't too bad honestly.)
    -Magpul BAD lever
    -Blue Force Gear sling/hardware

    P4Xi in the mount for those wondering:
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    Weight with a Gen M3 Pmag with 30 rounds of 56gr MEN 5.56 ammo.
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    Weight with a Gen 2 HK Steel Mag maritime follower with 30 rounds of 77gr Black Hills TMK (heaviest mag/ammo I would use)
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    She shoots!!!

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    The last 3 shots were the 3 in the center touching at 50 yards with 77gr Black Hills TMK's. IT's pretty accurate and I really love this P4Xi. I love it so much if someone offered me an NX8 or P4Xi for free. I would take the NX8, sell it, then buy two P4Xis. IT's so fast, clear and the edge to edge is unreal. I feel like I can see more at 4x than I could with some other optics I've used in the past. Very happy over all.

    Also I did some 1x target transitions at like 15 yards to see if the over driving issue is still there. I'm happy to report the swing weight is perfect. IT doesn't over or under drive. It's perfect. I had a few buddies try it as well and they all asked me how much to sell it to them.

    A build well done gents. I'm very happy with myself lol.

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    I have the Steiner on a 6920 SOCOM that I've played with. I think they are a lot of glass for the money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I have the Steiner on a 6920 SOCOM that I've played with. I think they are a lot of glass for the money.
    I agree. I can't believe how clear it is, I feel better on it than some of the 1-6's I've used in the past because of the glass clarity/eyebox/edge to edge clarity. Very flat and sharp images. One of the best purchases I've made so far.

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    I did an intro/build cost/a little overview with some shooting footage. I was also able to stretch it out to 312 yards which made me happy. I have to admit I was very impressed with the report of the hit on steel I got with the 77gr TMK's out of the 11.5". I was also impressed with the P4Xi at that range. I'm at about 1100 rounds at this point with a mix of 77gr TMK's and 55gr of mixed manufacturers but all brass.

    Very happy so far. I think it might have been re-barreled but I'm not sure. She shoots straight and effortlessly. Which is always good. Very slick setup so far, I can't wait to get the KAC QDC can for it. I can wait to pay for it......but it'll be a perfect pairing I think with this setup.

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