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Thread: An apology

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    An apology

    I would like to offer an apology to the members and moderators of this forum. The fact that what I post here and in other forums rubs so many people the wrong is an indication the problem is with me. I had my wife read a couple of my posts and she was of the opinion that many of the negative comments directed towards me were well deserved. Ouch. My father has been gone many years now, but I think of him often and if he would approve of how Iím conducting myself as a husband, father and as a person and I imagine he would be disappointed at my online behavior. At my age, I should honestly be able to demonstrate a greater degree of maturity and self-restraint, but obviously there are areas of my life that need some attending. A bit of self-reflection and analysis perhaps. I try to set a positive example for my son and be someone whom my wife respects and that should extend to online interactions. Thanks for hearing me out and I will try to do better.

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    Nobody in their right mind would value etiquette commentary from me but regardless, I find it impossible not to respect people who step up. Public apologies are extremely difficult. Public introspection is difficult.

    My inclination here is to say, "chalk it up to wires crossed and no expressions visible through text, let's do beers all around and call it good."

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    Speaking from the moderator position, you're welcome to keep posting and I hope you find your place here.
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    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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    Iíve been here since the beginning, I donít remember a post with 27 (at this time) likes.

    Although #modshereareshit we didnít get a like button until last week.

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    Holy crap, dude. You've earned some respect for posting this. Your post sets an example that so many people on the Internet could take inspiration from.

    Cheers! And I'm glad you're a P-F member.
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    That took a hell of a lot of courage. Hats off to ya.

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    I have no idea what prompted this, but feel free to unfuck yourself and set up shop here.

    Youíve got the right attitude for this place.

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    Freely given, freely accepted.

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    X marks the spot. Well done.
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    Kudos for owning mistakes !!!

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