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Thread: 2012-2013 Endurance Test Gun ANNOUNCED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenaniguns View Post
    My guess is either the FNH FNS or a 1911
    Nice guess!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthNarc View Post
    I'm comfortable sitting on the couch in my boxers fiddling with my balls, but I don't fight like that.

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    Scott was running a 9mm at the Indoor Nationals, while ironing out some issues that he had in a safe area I noticed an intriguing front site set up.
    Perhaps this is on the PT gun.

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    OH WOW...........this is going to be interesting. Can't wait.

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    now for the real many times will it be cleaned during the test?

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    A 1911, a puzzle that can't be solved on iOS devices... I demand to know who this guy is and what he's done with Todd Green

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    Are these 2 1911s going to be as they came from the factory? I.E. no smith work before you start shooting them, etc?

    I am curious because I do have a soft spot for 1911s in my heart, still. I have an RIA that I bought when I turned 21 (of course) that has been quite reliable and a joy to shoot (yes, even as an RIA!), but for reasons that probably don't need explaining I have not really shot it since buying into Glocks and certainly do not carry the thing. It was, however, a nice "preview" of the 1911 platform and there is still much about it that I like.

    I would, at some point, like to get involved with 1911s again, however, but I hedge at the idea of shelling out astronomical sums just to get one working, as many people seem to suggest is necessary, so I am curious as to how this will go over. If you can demonstrate that an off the shelf 1911 will work without having to send it to a smith from the get-go, I might be looking into them sooner rather than later.

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    Just for a second..................I thought that TLG was going to be testing the new Rock River Arms polymer 1911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcheung View Post
    Nice guess!

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    So Todd, this is coming from the Pro Shop correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean M View Post
    So when is the first "All 45 All Day" shoot in Culpeper going to be?

    I'll go ahead and volunteer to pick up the brass for everyone.
    In about 5 years, you'll have your very little assistant to pick up brass

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    So, the details:

    My original plan, after talking extensively with SLG and Jason Burton of Heirloom Precision, was to have the Springfield Custom Shop build me a pair of FBI-spec 1911s, but in 9mm. The Springfield Professional Model is, as SLG pointed out to me, the most heavily tested and proven modern 1911 available. Dave Williams from Springfield's Custom Shop provided me with details including a delivery date that was well into next year. But he also suggested another possibility...

    Every year, Scott Warren has a limited run of custom guns built by Springfield. They begin life as 9mm TRPs but are assembled by the Custom Shop with parts selected by Scott. They are, coincidentally, the same concept as the gun I wanted: a 9mm version of the FBI SWAT gun or, more specifically, the FBI HRT 1911 which has a slightly different color scheme.

    • Select fit slide to frame
    • Carbon steel light rail frame
    • SA stainless steel ramped barrel and bushing 9mm
    • Polish feed ramp & throat barrel
    • Unique three line serrations on top of slide
    • Fitted speed trigger w/ tuned 4.5 lb. trigger pull
    • Tuned for total reliability
    • Lowered & flared ejection port
    • Extended ejector
    • Tuned & polished extractor
    • GI recoil system
    • Hand fit Warren Tactical style beavertail grip safety
    • Extended ambi thumb safety
    • Warren Tactical low mount combat sights w/dovetail Fiber Optic front sight
    • Custom fit S&A magwell checkered @ 25lpi
    • 25lpi front strap checkering
    • “Carry Bevel” complete pistol
    • Warren Tactical custom grips
    • Two tone black and OD green Armory Kote finish
    • 2 Premium magazines with slam pads
    • Unique Warren Tactical logo
    • WT prefix serial number

    Name:  WT007.jpg
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    Mine are coming with just a few small differences. First, obviously, Scott is installing night sights on my guns. Second, having spent a few weeks shooting hundreds of rounds per day through real FBI HRT pistols, I requested that the checkering on the frontstrap and mainspring housing get blunted from their normal awesome with gloves and/or if you like to bleed while you shoot level of sharpness. At some point, I also expect to put Lasergrips on the pistol which may require a modified right hand "ambi" safety lever.

    This is obviously a tremendous departure for me compared to past tests. But of all the guns I see in classes, the 1911 is by far the type I have the least personal experience with. I've never been a fan, and it will take an awful lot to convince me. But it should make for an interesting time...

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