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Thread: Meanwhile, Victoria Australia is banning gun sales

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    Meanwhile, Victoria Australia is banning gun sales

    Victoria bans guns after permit applications more than double amid COVID-19 pandemic

    Firearm access has been temporarily banned in Victoria after a surge in demand amid the coronavirus pandemic saw permit applications more than double.
    Police Minister Lisa Neville today declared the sale of firearms and ammunition for sporting or recreational purposes would be paused, following deliberations by the National Cabinet.
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    When this is all said and done I hope people remember what this felt like when going to the voting booth. The cynical part of me says they won't, but I hope.

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    That’s what happens in countries that don’t recognize your right to defend yourself. My understanding is there is no non-sporting purpose for guns in Australia. Sporting goods aren’t essential services. To their government it’s like pausing the sale of soccer balls and cricket bats. What’s the big deal?
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    ^^^ That. Except they know it isn't really, so it's truly a 1984 Doublespeak world.

    Officially, self defense is not an acceptable reason for owning one, and I believe if there's even a hint that that is your reason for wanting one, the permit will be denied.

    Someone here recently said that if you use force to defend yourself there, you may be better off trying to convince the police that you were the criminal assailant.
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    I had some Australian friends. Good guys but they thought our kind of gun rationales were for 'nutters'.

    When the gun bans arose, the gun folks used the logic that all 'men' needed their sport as part of their Australian identity. How can you take away their 'sport'. That went nowhere and bans came and expanded.

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    Shocked face..............

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