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Thread: CCW takes out active shooter

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    CCW takes out active shooter

    Tulsa, OK, CCW holder stops active female shooter in an Oklahoma store...

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    That is some nice, in depth reporting by the media. (sarcasm)

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    Bravo Zulu to our CCW hero! No innocents harmed, and a dead shooter.

    I wonder what the relationship is between the number of incidents such as this and the deterrence effected.
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    Damn, I am just North of Tulsa, and not a peep on the local news.

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    Heh, it's probably because I carry and compete with the gun they used for the stock photo at the top of the story (Walther P99/P99c, difficult to tell which size from that photo), but my first reaction was "I *know* they can get a better/higher grip than that." Agreed re: media attention. If what that article is saying about the news sources local to the incident is true, then shame on said news sources.

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    As my favorite radio talk show host says, 'The most insidious power the media has is the power to ignore.'

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