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Thread: Willingness

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    A few months ago, Gila Hayes, of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) interviewed me about developing the right mindset to deal with violent crime. The transcript of the interview wound up being over 5,000 words. While we’re all stuck at home this might be a good time to brush up on this important topic. See

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    Cool Looking forward to the read Tom!

    Sure enjoyed Concealed Carry Class too

    John in Missery { just west of St. Lou )

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    My willingness to read 5000 words is at an all time high.

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    My CC instructor told us we'd know when to pull the trigger.

    I'm pretty sure I'm willing to do just that.
    I've run the home invasion scenario thru my mind.
    Invader better heed my instructions, or, suffer the consequences.( pre-made decision )
    Awesome from start to finish! Thanks Tom!!!


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    Tom Givens:

    That was a very good read, well phrased. Saved to my files, thank you. I've never trained with you, but have read some of your writings over the years, and used some things you've said, with attribution, in teaching.

    It sounds as if you stress movement off the threat axis in your classes: “After the second robbery, the next son of a bitch that pulls a gun on me is getting shot.” She had what we call a pre-made decision, so when the third guy came in and produced a pistol she simply took a couple of steps to the side and shot him.

    Do you tallk/stress/drill much on the different angles? For example - diagonal movement INTO the threat moves you further off the threat axis faster than lateral movement, plus it is somewhat counter intuitive, perhaps causing subject to double clutch.

    I'm curious because I was very focused on instilling what I paraphrased as 'the gift of movement' in the officers I helped train.

    Again, thanks for posting, it was by no means an onerous read!

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    Excellent read. Thanks for posting Tom.
    Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught. — J. C. Watts

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    Excellent read and saved to files as well.
    The best looking armor doesn't deserve victory

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    It's Hollywood, but I've always found it very applicable.
    Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper224 View Post
    It's Hollywood, but I've always found it very applicable.
    I have the willingness help you out

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    Thanks very much, Tom. It is a timely reminder, and something good to pass on to our acquaintances who may be recent gun buyers.

    One of my neighbors currently has a loaned copy of your latest book, along with a Wingmaster and some Flite-Control.

    My very best to you and Lynn, and I hope all of your family is healthy and safe.

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