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Thread: Let's see your big boy Knives.

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    I have a smatchet, somewhere.
    .30-06, .30-30 and .45 Colt: Because America, bitches.

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    Does this count?

    I've got a footlocker somewhere in my storage area full of "big boy knives" but the only one I have a photo of is my Busse Battle Pappy. Unlike my other Busses, it is a safe queen (for the time being, might break it out and actually use it due to COVID-19 boredom). Name:  Battle Pappy 1.jpg
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    I have a steamer trunk full of khukuris.
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    Natchez was a wedding present from a good friend. Haven't used it to cut anything but air...but a guy can hope.

    Name:  Natchez and 1911.jpg
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