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Thread: First shot after draw worse than follow-up shots, help?

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    If I "stray" with my first shot (regardless of where the gun started . . . . on a table, in a box, from the holster, unloaded, etc), I have determined that 90% of the time it was because I was not gripping the gun firmly enough.

    And it wasn't because I was consciously trying to hurry. It was because I got "lazy" with my grip.

    I can even go to the range to test ammo or sight in a pistol and be almost assured that the first group or two that I shoot will be worse than subsequent groups. Then I remind myself to grip the damn pistol FIRMLY, and things straighten up.

    I have recently started repeating "FIRM GRIP" to myself just before the start signal when competing. Still have a ways to go to get that drilled into my head.

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    A number of tactically oriented drills place a high priority on a fast draw, with a relatively small number of follow up shots. With USPSA, you need a draw that will allow you to shoot about 20 shots, and whatever tiny time advantage of a fast draw can be trounced by the extra time it takes you to shoot each of 15 or 20 shots, until you can reload and fix your grip.
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    I always focus on building my grip mostly with the support hand, and pinky up.

    Trying to keep a "firm" dominate hand usually just gives me trigger freeze at some point because my trigger finger isnt relaxed enough.

    Maybe try keeping the dominate hand relaxed, and the support hand incredibly tight. Like flexing your forearm... TIGHT. And build it pinky up. You can still blade hand smack the trigger guard for index, just think about a strong pinky as you grip.

    Also, I'm a nobody. If a more accomplished shooter says otherwise go with their advice.


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    First shot after draw worse than follow-up shots, help?

    There are a few reasons for what you’re experiencing, and forming the grip is a likely explanation. Another common issue is over driving during the draw, causing the gun to dip or wobble. The goal is a critically damped presentation where the gun stops precisely. A good dryfire drill is to stand close to a wall or target and draw the gun to touch a spot. Touch, not more or less. Do this on the timer.

    A laser bore sight ($10 on Amazon) can also help.
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