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Thread: Glock trigger rough after 18k rounds

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    Question Glock trigger rough after 18k rounds

    G17.4 with stock internals, no polishing work. Cleaned every 300 rounds, paying attention to wipe the connector/trigger bar contact surfaces clean before reapplying a drop of Lucas oil. RSA replaced every 5k.

    Crossing 18k rounds, it lost that slight bit of roll that the Dot connector provides and instead, gives a harsh break after the wall.Took it apart and found plating wear to the firing pin plunger and some wear to the cruciform. Looks like craters instead of tool marks but no plating has flaked off the cruciform yet. Striker channel is clear of any debris and the striker itself shows no signs of flaking or irregular wear.

    My first thought is to replace the trigger bar, connector, and firing pin plunger with fresh OEM parts. Would this likely solve my trigger pull problems? I've never shot this much ammo through a personally owned Glock so the degradation is something I've not encountered before.

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    Id replace with a polished OEM.

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    Replace the trigger/trigger bar and the connector with OEM parts.
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    Thanks! Will do.

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