Three-Day Defensive Shotgun Instructor Development Course 2020

June 12-14, 2020 Mead Hall Range, McLoud, Oklahoma (near OKC)

The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile weapons the individual police officer or private citizen can normally access. It is also the least understood and misused weapon system we have. Over the course of three full days of training, candidates will learn about:
Shotgun Selection
Modifications and Accessories
Ammunition Capabilities and Selection
Shooting Technique for Defensive Shooting, not sporting use
Efficient Gunhandling Techniques
Tactical Application
Modern Teaching Methodology.

Students will need a pump or semiauto shotgun with a barrel length of from 18” to 22”, or a legal SBS. You will fire approximately 300 rounds of birdshot, 150 rounds of buckshot, and 40 slugs. Registered students will receive a detailed equipment list prior to class, and each will be issued a comprehensive manual and a 2 hour DVD at class. Prior registration is required.

All of the cool kids love their carbines, however, after this class you will have a newfound appreciation for the shotgun’s value as a close range fighting tool. In the civil context of home or business defense, the shotgun takes a back-seat to no other firearm. In trained hands, it is a formidable weapon.