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Thread: IWB Cross Draw? Anybody? Bueller?

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    IWB Cross Draw? Anybody? Bueller?

    I'm weighing a kydex IWB cross draw holster. I've been practicing dry firing with that, and afterwards wearing a G-19 RedGun during daily at-home activities. The data so far appears to suggest it would be more concealable and more comfortable than AIWB.

    Anybody carry this way? Care to comment on what you like (or don't) about it? Why did you begin? If you no longer carry IWB Cross-Draw, why did you change your mind?

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    What problem does this solve ? Is aiwb at 12-2 oíclock too simple ?

    Except for moving your strong hand across your body in an inefficient biomechanical motion that telegraphs to pretty much anyone that youíre reaching for a gun- I can see no reason to want to this.

    If itís a medical limited movement thing, then sure but if not. Why?

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    What holster are you looking at ? I'm interested as well. I know Mitch Rosen sells a leather one but at 210 bucks....

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    My only crossdraw ďholsterĒ is a fanny pack; maybe a more cost-friendly experiment?
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    Why cross draw?

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    Okay so hereís the data I can offer.

    Iím a 30x30 waist.

    Iím carrying an sti dvc-p 5Ē comped with an rmr and x300 and 20 round spare

    Itís the fucking biggest gun in the world.

    Iím one of the smaller adults youíll find. Your G19 is not harder to hide on your body whatever the size than this thing is on me

    If cross draw works - and I doubt that it does - then you do you. Iím totally missing how it conceals better and is more comfortable in any way than a good aiwb set up.

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    Cross draw might be better if drawing while sitting in a car if that was important.

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    Seems cross draw is not very popular. I was actually considering trying it for OWB.

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    Popular, no, not by far. It's often a shortsighted solution to a problem that's better solved in another way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    Seems cross draw is not very popular. I was actually considering trying it for OWB.
    The only scenario in which it seems potentially better is for someone who's in the driver's seat of a vehicle during their main threat times and you are right handed. Your threat is likely to your left shoulder, your threat can't foul your draw, and you'll likely be shooting from a very modified position. Some will likely find the crossdraw more comfortable than a standard vertical carry and there are some efficiencies present i the stars align for that one particular shoot, the carjacker at the driver's side window. You'd want to verify the particular cross draw holster/vehicle combination doesn't cause a seat belt interference issue, of course.

    Outside of that specific context it's slower, easier to foul the draw by the opponent (even unintentionally), harder to retain, and at no counterbalancing benefit.
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