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Thread: Corona virus/covid-19. What is essential services?

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    In my state I hear it told that essential service employers are giving out letters to employees that state they are actual employees of said companies. It seems to be creating some confusion because they've all along been saying that going to the pharmacy, grocery store, etc. are fine. They've also encouraged jogging, walking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities where keeping distance isn't a problem. I've not heard of anyone being cited just for being out and about and I'm not aware of any LE agencies initiating a stop or detaining anyone for that alone, but there is some confusion since the governor just added certain businesses to the list of mandatory closures and these letters getting issued pretty much simultaneously.

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    My county designated gun stores as essential services but the state gov order does not. Very confused.

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    Legislators and Sheriffs sent letters to Washington Governor Inslee requesting he clarify the "essential services" list to include firearms retailers. Good to see a couple westside sheriffs on the list.

    The letters are linked to here: http://lyndawilson.src.wastateleg.or...governor-told/

    I'm not sure what things are looking like at Cabelas, Ranch and Home and other more outdoor/hardware oriented stores that also sell guns (I haven't really wanted to go shopping). His order certainly would make pure gun shops hard to operate, and could put the small operators out of business if (when) this carries on for more than two weeks.

    A person in this state can still get a bolt action, lever action, or pump action gun with a simple instant NICS check, without the background check going through the local police or sheriff's office like it does for a handgun or an "assault rife". Might even be able to get a semi auto shotgun a NICS check, I haven't bought one.

    (I have bought a stripped receiver and a bolt action with simple NICS checks in the past few months -- I know the stripped receiver allowance is set to change, because they are evil).

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    Feds have apparently ruled that 2A is essential.
    Not another dime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlongJohnson View Post
    Feds have apparently ruled that 2A is essential.
    I think the SAF's headline is a little off; 'ruled' implies something with legal force. But the 'ruling' itself states:

    "This list is advisory in nature. It is not, nor should it be considered, a federal directive or standard. ... Individual jurisdictions should add or subtract essential workforce categories based on their own requirements and discretion."

    Heck, they even boldfaced that part :-)

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    It would appear that in WV Golf Courses are considered "essential". How else would they be able to drive down the cart path two to a cart all day long for the last week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pins View Post
    It would appear that in WV Golf Courses are considered "essential". How else would they be able to drive down the cart path two to a cart all day long for the last week?

    What's Essential? In France: Pastry, Wine. In US: Golf, Guns
    By The Associated Press
    March 28, 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic is defining for the globe what's “essential” and what things we really can't do without, even though we might not need them for survival.

    Attempting to slow the spread of the virus, authorities in many places are determining what shops and services can remain open. They're also restricting citizens from leaving their homes. Stay-at-home orders or guidance are affecting more than one-fifth of the world's population.

    This has left many contemplating an existential question: What, really, is essential?

    Whether it is in Asia, Europe, Africa or the United States, there's general agreement: Health care workers, law enforcement, utility workers, food production and communications are generally exempt from lockdowns.

    But some lists of exempted activities reflect a national identity, or the efforts of lobbyists.

    In some U.S. states, golf, guns and ganja have been ruled essential, raising eyebrows and — in the case of guns — a good deal of ire.

    In many places, booze is also on the list of essentials. Britain at first kept liquor stores off its list of businesses allowed to remain open, but after reports of supermarkets running out of beer, wine and spirits, the government quickly added them.

    "Recent events clearly demonstrate that the process of designating 'essential services' is as much about culture as any legal-political reality about what is necessary to keep society functioning," said Christopher McKnight Nichols, associate professor of history at Oregon State University.
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    DHS CISA recently released guidance on essential services.

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