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Thread: Corona Boredom Thread

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    Corona Boredom Thread

    Wife and kids are home. Can't go out to drink. Can't hit the beach. Can't gamble. All matches are shutdown for the month.

    So I'm just gonna have to remodel my daughter's bedroom to keep from turning into Jack Nicholson from The Shining.

    What is everybody else doing during this interim?

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    I was going to zero a PSL-54 I recently bought, but the wife said I shouldn't go.

    Given it's a PSL and PSLs do PSL things after the first 10 rounds, the lack of zero shouldn't matter much anyway when the hordes come for our food stocks.
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    I'm playing every version of the Half-Life series in order of release.

    Getting my shooting fix from a 50' pellet range I've set up in the basement. I'd almost forgotten how much fun these things actually are.
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    1. I know how to read and have a large library. I can download books.
    2. I will shoot up the house with my SIRT Glock 17 type.
    3. I will watch weird crap on Netflix
    4. I will walk to the nature preserve near me and see interesting birds
    5. I will indulge in reading the wisdom of the Internet and contributing to it.

    I will not watch news conferences as that will depress me to see the mental abilities of politicians of all parties, most of the media, a good number of self-serving experts now pontificating.

    I will try to read legit sources on the crisis.

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    I'm doing the same shit I pretty much do everyday. This has been my chosen lifestyle for a while.

    Only thing different is that I don't shake hands with my neighbors like I usually did, let them pet my dog, or visit on their or my porch from time to time as I did in the past.

    Otherwise, SOS, different day.
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    I still have my day job since I have 100% telework so no real change there other than at least a 100% increase in meetings over what I used to have...

    Still have a week before I take my certification exam so just trying to keep grinding away at that...

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    Today, nothing. After working 12 to 16 hour days since August, I'm going to embrace the boredom today has afforded me and enjoy the company of my lovely wife.
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    I should be working on my thesis....

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    Good thread. Cabin fever is a thing, and the concerns of people breaking up isolation/quarantines are real. The workdays that I now spent at home are total downers, I am not used to not doing something, especially when gym is closed and range is not a good idea. I am really happy about buying that stationary bike last year, trying to pedal more and faster, and am thinking of expanding my home gym. I normally dry fire daily or most days of the week, but pistol only. Since I've neglected my rifle and shotgun skills, I might start dry firing those. There is more reading, professional and literary, available than my eyes can handle. Got my motorcycle ready but the weather has been crappy. Expanding my culinary skills.
    Social distancing allowed me to cancel my responsibilities as @GJM 's bitch so my days end with pouring a nice glass of scotch, closing my eyes, and picturing him bending awkwardly and picking up his own brass, only to find out that those were steel casings left by previous shooters.
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    Away, away, away, down.......
    I’m trying to be more pro active in reaching out to people in my social circle via phone calls or texts just to check in on them.

    As a natural introvert there are a lot of times in my life when I am happy with my own company, but not having any possibility of socialization has kind of been a shock. I live alone and know I am going to have to come up with some additional coping skills as this progresses.

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