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Thread: POLL: Work and Covid-19

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    POLL: Work and Covid-19

    The Coronavirus general thread is cluttered. Just looking for an idea how the membership is impacted.

    Don't answer if you're not part of the workforce.

    Use common sense and "round" the most applicable stat. So, if you are basically teleworking all day everyday except for having to go in just to print something or pick something up once in a while, select 100% telework. If you are just cleaning your hands and workspace more stringently, check no changes, not partial changes, etc.
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    FLETC is still in full swing. We are still working.

    No new classes will begin, but classes already on base will continue as usual. I guess they figure whatever infection is on base is already here. They just wont introduce new bodies to the equation.

    My wife is an Office Manager

    Her boss is insisting they all still come in (small company, a dozen employees, but many of those are outside sales). After Hurricane Harvey, the company spent money on cloud based systems so everyone could work remotely in the event of a disaster. Now, her boss is refusing to use the remote services they paid to set up for this exact type of scenario. (Oh, and her boss said with business down, she may not be able to pay them after the next check.)
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    100% telework, thankful that I have that ability.

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    Still working. Hard to fly airliners by remote...
    Been flying airplanes that are about 20% full for the past few days, so I’m thinking our schedule will be paired back soon.
    Currently stuck in Santa Clara county (hot zone of CA, as far as I can tell). Due to the blizzard hitting DEN, all flights back home are cancelled today, so I probably get to stay in a nearly empty hotel for a second night. With all restaurants closed, the hotel has arranged take-out food to be delivered to the front desk when we order it.

    Through sheer luck, I have vacation scheduled starting next week - so don’t have to work again for a little more than 2 weeks.
    That sounds good, except that at the virus spread rate of the last week, the US will probably be hitting 1 million cases about then.

    Wife and kids are staying home, hunkered down. Week after next (when spring break ends) we’ll see how the school district does at “remote learning.”
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    No changes in residential construction. Although I know bigger commercial jobs with more guys on site have been slowed down. Also some jurisdictions have shut down all non-essential functions, and issuing permits and inspections doesn't make the cut. So I may have to deal with that shortly.

    In short, all my guys and subs are still on site. It's business as usual besides declining to shake hands and keeping everything sanitized a little better.

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    Medium size manufacturer, 1 shift operation. Significant changes coming next week

    Going from five eights to four tens

    All production areas manpower split in two. One team working M-TH days, the other Su - W nights. Shift change over separated by 1 hr.

    Production support personnel and senior company leaders split among both shifts

    Customer support personnel split week with 50% on site work, 50% telework, still working only days. My team is staggered with half working on site M-Tu, then from home Th-F, the other half opposite.

    All on site meetings to be done via MS Teams rather than in person

    I should add that we are not seeing a downturn in orders yet.
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    Still working. Business as usual.

    I'm in sales/marketing for a manufacturing company. I could very easily do this from home, even during normal conditions... but management is traditional and like to have everyone in one location. New business has dropped to almost nothing, so teleworking would be even easier now. However, the products for our open orders still need to be produced, and the guys in the shop can't do that from home. Since everyone can't work from home, management has decided that we're all working on site.

    In my opinion, they have a pretty optimistic view of their "plan", which includes things like "encouraging social distancing" and "leaving doors propped open so people don't have to use doorknobs". If anyone feels ill, they're being asked to stay at home and use any sick time/PTO they have to self-quarantine. We received a letter from HR today, asking us to donate PTO for others to use if they're sick.

    Today, they put out a big meat and cheese platter with crackers as communal snacks for everyone. I'm washing my hands a lot, wiping down my desk frequently, and using hand sanitizer I brought from home.

    My wife has been working from home since 03/06, and her company plans to extend that for at least 4 more weeks. We have enough food/supplies on hand at home to last us several weeks without leaving the house.

    I worry about bringing something home and getting her sick.

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    Arizona lawyer here. Courts around the state are handling things very differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction—Phoenix and Chandler city courts have essentially shut down all operations for several months, while the Maricopa County justice courts are still holding civil traffic hearings. Precautions or changes in operations (if any) vary greatly between the courts.

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    Automotive repair and tire. Business as usual. From what we have seen from complete shutdowns in hot zones like the Bay area, auto repair is considered "essential business" unless we are known to be infected. We may go entirely to a pick up and deliver basis if a "Shelter in Place" order is issued.

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    Food manufacturing/distribution. I'm still working as normal, but I laid off 40+ for two weeks

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