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Thread: Purchases that may coincide with reasons...

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    Purchases that may coincide with reasons...

    It wasn't purchased based on panic. I had been running low, and thought about picking some up for awhile. I happened to order a case of CCI SV late last night. After the purchase, I immediately began to reflect upon the events leading up to it.

    Let's rewind... This virus situation, Ohio schools closed for 3 weeks, son and daughter looking forward to some range time with dad over break, possession of 3 boxes of CCISV, watching I am Legend.

    Started looking around, and realized pricing had jumped. Used ammoseek and came across a price I felt was reasonable, albeit a bit high in my opinion. Punched in the CC info, and hit submit. Immediately thought "you idiot, you just bought 5000 rounds while watching a movie about a viral outbreak that kills billions"

    Looks like we will be enjoying some good family time.

    Anyone else make a benign purchase that could be misinterpreted? I can't be the only one.

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    I ordered a case of .45 auto.......not because of this corona cold....but because my son keeps shooting up all my .45 stock.

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    I've been stockpiling ammunition since before the 2016 election so I have far more than I realistically need.

    Honestly by biggest concerns are financial. My employment is bulletproof but my girlfriend's is not. I'm cutting back all non absolutely critical purchases for the time being and saving the room in my budget for what will surely be a very ugly next few months.

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    I think almost everyone knows that rimfire guns are notoriously fickle about ammo. Certain lots group and other lots of the same stuff does not. And it is gun specific. Gun A may shoot tiny groups with Ammo B, while Gun C shoots shotgun patterns with Ammo B. So when I found a lot of Geco 22 LR Bolt Action that shot well in my Tactical Solutions rifle last summer, I tried to buy cases of the same lot. So for a week or two, my UPS driver was not happy as I was having cases of ammo delivered.

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    Ordered case of each this past Monday Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammo 150 Grain Subsonic Full Metal Jacket and Remington-12 Tac-8 shot. After reading thread checked back and the price combined on these is up $70.
    On Wednesday did some usual grocery shopping, Costco looked like Black Friday shopping it was crazy.

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    I just ordered enough primers to put me on someone's watch list, but that was because I bought a very large stock a long time ago, and we were down to only a couple thousand.

    I've been stocking up on other stuff the last few years, although I do need to order a keg or two of Alliant 2400 now that I'm so into .357.
    I was into 10mm Auto before it sold out and went mainstream, but these days I'm here for the revolver and epidemiology information.

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    Received a couple cases of ammo this week. Just part of the normal purchase cycle though since 38 and 45 were running low. We would have bought around now irregardless. Not a pandemic panic purchase but could look like it I suppose.

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    I have postponed all unnecessary purchases. We will owe the IRS far more than anticipated, in April. I had wanted to refresh handgun and shotgun ammo, completely independent of any current events in the news, but it is going to have to wait.
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    I watch my supply of primers and coriander powders like H4350. Fortunately made purchases before current unpleasantness

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    I'm out of 9mm, so I ordered a case. But that's about it. I do need some more SNS .45 projectiles though

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