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Thread: SWEET Beretta 1301 T, Aridus, Aimpoint T2

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    SWEET Beretta 1301 T, Aridus, Aimpoint T2

    I bought this new a year ago and Iíve put 350 shells through it. Runs like a champ. I just need the money for other hobbies. Complete setup ready to rock!

    1. Beretta 1301 T, Gen1, Camo is factory. It was a limited run.
    2. Aridus Aimpoint Micro CoWitness Mount.
    3. Aridus/Magpul Handguard.
    4. Tau Shroud
    5. Nordic Extension
    6. Arisaka MLOK Light Mount
    7. Aimpoint T2 (Includes the Standard Mount)

    Iíll throw in the Streamlight if you buy at asking. Very nice light.

    Hate to see this go but Cest La Vie

    $1700 Shipped

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