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Thread: New 6+1 Moss590 vs old 5+1 versus old 5+1+1 extension?

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    Checking I see that Mossberg offers an 18.5 inch barrel gun with a 2 shot extension. The magazine tube appears to be the same except for the extension screwed onto the tube. If so, one could replace the tube with a regular magazine cap and have the original set-up if he wanted that. If so the 835 barrel should fit. I need to figure this out. Arthritis prevents my handling a 12 ga, and I will soon be selling 590a1 and barrel. Old age is a bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanch View Post
    I was reading through old posts here and @willie was talking about buying a 835 barrel to put on his 590. But it had to be 18.5" 590 because of mag tube sizing.

    So it got me thinking, I bet the 835 barrels are ONLY usable on the old 5-shot 18.5" mag tubes? And the newer 6-shot 590s won't work?

    Still on the fence if I actually want an 835 barrel but its something Ive been interested in learning bird hunting for survival skill purposes and my old lady doesnt want any more guns in the hosue but buying another barrel is a accessory and I dont complain about her accessories bracelets necklaces haha so I found a loophole!
    The 835 and the 18.5" 5-shot 590 and 590A1 use the same magazine tube other than the finish. So you could use an 835 barrel on your gun just without the 3.5" shell capability.

    I also have the +2 S&J extension. I haven't used it a lot but I bought it based on a lot of positive reviews. I would do it over again and maybe grab an 835 barrel for hunting.

    I have a couple 835's that I got cheap from local shops. The plan is to find an 18.5" 590 barrel for one and leave the whole package at my dad's place so I can fly up to visit him without having to check guns.
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