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Thread: Another new guy thread

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    Another new guy thread

    I recently signed on and thought I'd give a quick introduction. First of all, I'm fairly impressed with the knowledge here. So much so, in fact, that I thought I'd start this thread to say something, as I've found most of the information for which I was searching through the FAQs and threads, so thanks.

    As for me, I'm a kind of a new shooter but have been around firearms for most of my life. While my father is an outstanding marksmen, I didn't follow him into competitive shooting or shoot much at all until recently, although I was a pretty wicked shot with a Daisy Red Rider in my childhood. There are a few reasons for this, but I'll spare the analysis.

    Lately, however, I've decided to begin shooting and have been greatly enjoying it. I'm fortunate in that I live in a rural area and can practice anytime and have access to my father's advice and can borrow his firearms. It's definitely been a learning experience, and I'm still surprised at how quickly ammo goes, even 500-round boxes of .22LRs.

    Besides the shooting aspect, I've also ventured into a few gun shops lately (while I have been given a couple of firearms and have access to more, I also wanted to find and select at least one of my own). That experience has been a little mixed, as there isn't exactly a shortage of strong opinions, but I did find a pretty nice place today. So, I guess I'm saying that, after putting a few thousand rounds through various firearms, I finally bought one for the first time.

    At any rate, I thought I'd share that information as an introduction and say nice place. I hope I can contribute in some way.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Nobody is impressed by what you can't do. -THJ

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    Thanks and howdy.

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    Welcome. New members have to buy everyone with 'Feb 2011' join dates a box of ammo, just FYI.
    "A good shooter with a weak body and weak mind will lose against one who has the physical ability to crush him, and the mental ability to do it repeatedly"
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    Quote Originally Posted by F-Trooper05 View Post
    Welcome. New members have to buy everyone with 'Feb 2011' join dates a box of ammo, just FYI.
    Thanks, and one box of rubber bands, coming up.

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    As a fellow newbie, things that I found extremely helpful were:

    You might have seen some of these already, but they were the posts that I bookmarked to spend some time with. You might also start a Training Journal, as creating one has helped me organize myself as I get started.
    Sheep Have Wool

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    Great information; thanks. I believe the articles is how I initially found this forum.

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