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Thread: .22 Precision Rifle Skills - Hedgesville, WVa. - 4/4/2020

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    .22 Precision Rifle Skills - Hedgesville, WVa. - 4/4/2020

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    Do you like Precision Rifle competition? Do you want a cheaper way to work on the same skills?

    Do you hunt small game with a rimfire rifle? Do you want to increase your ability to make headshots on squirrels at distance?
    Do you just want an inexpensive way to work on rifle marksmanship?

    If you want to be a better rifle shooter, this course is for you. No matter what kind of rifle you typically shoot, the skills and practice methods presented in this course will help you improve your rifle shooting ability.
    The ubiquitous .22LR is in most gun owners’ collections. It is fun and it is practical. It provides a means for regularly practice that does not break the bank.
    This course fun and challenging learning experience relevant to the small game hunter, the serious rifle practitioner, and the aspiring competitor. Skills learned will set you up to successfully attend a 22 PRS Match or harvest small game in the wild. You will be exposed to effective techniques and individual coaching to improve your ability to consistently and efficiently make accurate hits from 50 to 200 Yards or further (range permitting).

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    Too short notice for me, but a very interesting idea for a class. Maybe next year.

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