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Thread: PPQ M1 for a CCW

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    PPQ M1 for a CCW

    Is anyone comfortable carrying a PPQ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrascal View Post
    Is anyone comfortable carrying a PPQ?
    As comfortable as carrying a VP9.
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    We used to have PPQs. We switched to VP9s when new Walthers started being button release only. I was nice--the PPQ was the first gun that really fit my wife's tiny hands. (The VP9 does also.)

    We had a few PPS lever release models. But we started getting the dead-trigger issue after a couple thousand rounds. Walther never explained why. There wasn't a recall or new part number we could determine. And it still happens. So we got rid of them.

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    It's a little large for me to conceal carry (5'8 with long legs for height but short body) though I have and it obviously can be done. I'm definitely comfortable with the pistol in every other way. Personal preference is something a bit smaller - PPS classic, G26/27.
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    I carried the 5" PPQ for a while. I liked it, but the grip just didn't fit my hand. I lived with it for a few months before sending it on. If it had fit me I'd probably still be carrying it.
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    P99/PPQ series have been my carry guys for a while now. Overtime I use the PPQ a bit more due to ergonomics and availability.

    Having a very nice trigger with no aftermarket bits or a safety to disengage/engage is a double-edged sword. I wouldn't recommend for everybody, but don't base my choices on suitability of issue towards the masses.

    For X size limit what gives me my most ideal performance when I haven't shot for a while, enables being able to hit an active shooter's button from considerable distance without much fidgeting or delay, doesn't need a bunch of pampering regarding lube and cleanliness, doesn't require select nose geometry and primers for 99.9% trust, etc.

    Accuracy is even more paramount for civies than LEO/MIL IMO (even more so when using a caliber at the floor of good'nough ) and only a few options are rugged, reliable, and also extremely accurate by my personal standards.

    Definitely not perfect but worth considering.

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    I've been carrying P99 for about 4 years now. OWB at 3:00. Nothing is a problem if you can dress right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrascal View Post
    Is anyone comfortable carrying a PPQ?
    Iíve been carrying one for a while now. I havenít found it any more problematic than a G19

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrascal View Post
    Is anyone comfortable carrying a PPQ?
    I am comfortable carrying my M2. Are you comfortable carrying a PPQ?

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    My shooting bud has a PPQ M2 that he carries IWB at about 3:30. I am trying to get started on a PPQ M1 and ordered a Safariland OWB holster for range use. I was pretty surprised the invoice stated P99/PPQ and the clamshell stated HK P2000 / P99. I did not fit my P99 or PPQ.
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