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Thread: Week 360: Reality Test

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    Week 360: Reality Test

    Week 360: Reality Test

    Results may be posted until March 21st, 2020.

    Designed by: nwhpfan
    Range: 7 yards
    Target: USPSA or IDPA
    Start position: Holstered, hands at sides
    Rounds fired: 21

    The Reality Test, a drill composite from nwhpfan is a combined battery of benchmark tests to measure your skills.

    String 1: Bill Drill – draw and shoot 6 to the body.
    String 2: Mozambique – draw and shoot 2 to the body and 1 to the head.
    String 3: FAST (modified) – draw and shoot 2 to the head, perform a slidelock reload, and shoot 4 to the body.
    String 4: Two Offhand - strong hand only draw, transfer to support hand, shoot 2 to the body support hand only.
    String 5: Four Aces – draw and shoot 2 to the body, reload (any type of reload is allowed), and shoot another 2 to the body.

    Note: In nwhpfan’s Reality Test, the entire head box (A/B zone) is the no-penalty scoring zone for head shots (including on the FAST.)

    Scoring: Your score is your time for all five strings combined, plus penalties for hits outside the A/B/-0 zone. A/B/-0 zone hits are no penalty (this includes entire head.) C/-1 zone hits are +.25 seconds each. D/-3 zone hits are +1 second each. Each draw and reload performed from either concealment or LE duty gear receives a -.25 scoring bonus/subtraction.

    Goal structure suggested, to approximate GM performance:
    Bill Drill – 1.9 seconds
    Mozambique – 1.5 seconds
    FAST – 4 seconds
    Two Offhand – 2 seconds
    Four Aces – 2.6 seconds

    That’s a combined total of 12 seconds. nwhpfan’s goal is roughly 90% of that score, so 13.25 seconds including penalties.

    See nwhpfan explain the test and shoot a great run!

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Pistol, holster, and concealment (optional) used
    Time for each of the five strings
    Total raw time
    Penalties added
    Final score
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    JMCK AIWB & BFG ten speed mag pouch
    Untucked t shirt, w/ Polartec jacket over it

    1 - 2.78
    2 - 2.66
    3 - 7.16 - and missed one head shot...
    4 - 3.90
    5 - 5.92

    Raw - 22.42

    11 As, 9 CS, 1 D, so total penalties = +3.25, and every draw and both reloads done from concealment so -1.75.

    Final score: 23.92

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    Shot this cold, haven't shot pistol or dryfire for the week. Great drill.

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    Gun: Shadow2, USPSA Production rig

    Bill -2C: 1.70 +.25+.25: 2.20
    Mozambique 0.83, .18, .17: 1.18
    FAST -2C: 3.45 +.5: 3.95
    2 offhand 1.35, .45: 1.80
    4 Aces -1C: 2.55+.25: 2.80
    Total: 11.93s

    Woohoo! Just made it under the GM par.

    Having the entire head for scoring encouraged me to really push it on those strings. The Mozambique string had a head shot 1/8” below the upper perf.
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    Langdon PX4CC, JM Wing Claw 2.5, all times incorporate the concealment bonus and any points down:

    Bill Drill 3.15 (clean)
    Failure Drill 3.30 (clean)
    FAST 8.15
    Two offhand 5.85*
    Four Aces 6.15

    * reshot because I threw one completely off the target and didn’t know how to score it

    TOTAL 26.60

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    M9 JMCK, T-shirt concealed

    1 - 3.54
    2 - 3.34
    3 - 7.71 - bobbled the reload
    4 - 3.67
    5 - 6.01
    Raw - 24.27
    Penalties - 3.25
    -0 x14
    -1 x5
    -3 x2
    Total time 27.52

    Good drill for me, makes me think a bit more.

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    Ran this cold this week, it showed on a few things. Ran from uspsa carry optics rig, CZ P-09/SRO.

    B.D. - 2.21, 3 C = 2.96
    F2S - 2.02, missed head box just low, C? - =2.27
    FAST - 5.34 clean, mag failed to drop free giving me a glacial 2.73 reload
    Two offhand - 2.39
    Four aces - 3.90, had horrible strong hand grip on draw and spent the reload readjusting grip - 1.46 draw and 1.70 reload, probably suffered a little from trying to do it "fast"

    16.86 total, not anywhere near M or GM but I didn't beat myself of too much for running it cold. I would like to run this more in the future, I believe I can dip into the 13's. Good test.

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    The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

    Humbly improving with CZ's.

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    Pistol, holster, and concealment (optional) used
    HK VP9/RMR09 Type 2/X300U in Phlster Floodlight; JMC AIWB high-ride mag carrier, concealed under fishing shirt

    Time for each of the five strings
    Bill: 3.29 (1.74/.37/.32/.30/.28/.28; 5A 1C)
    Mozambique: 2.97 (1.68/.56/.73; 3A)
    FAST: 5.98 (1.83/.59/2.54/.38/.32/.32; 5A 1C)
    Two Offhand: 3.99 (3.17/.82; 2A)
    Four Aces: 5.44 (1.74/.55/2.71/.44; 4A)

    Total raw time

    Penalties added
    2C: +.50
    7 draws/reloads from concealment: -1.75

    Final score

    Anything you noticed
    Not sure my math is right on the concealment bonus. I read that to mean that for each draw and for each reload from concealment it's a .25 subtraction, so with five draws and two reloads it came out to -1.75. I ran this warmed up a little, after three FAST runs to start of the range session. The FAST during this drill was the second best time I've ever managed (I shot a 5.98 clean during my third FAST run at the start of the practice session, which was a PR). Pretty damn happy with that. Overall, I felt I shot this pretty well, especially considering I was going for the upper half of the A-Zone in the chest. Would have liked to see my splits during the Four Aces and Mozambique comparable to those of the Bill Drill. I seem to slow down a bit for shorter strings for no good reason. Still working on hand speed and acquiring the dot quickly on the draw. I've been shooting an RDS on my pistol for about 8 months now, and I am definitely sold on its utility, but while I'm improving significantly on tracking the dot in recoil, my initial presentation still lacks consistency.

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