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Thread: Best way to keep your handgun safe yet accessible bedside?

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    I keep a small, single gun GunVault safe on my nightstand. Since I'm not confident that I can press the 4 buttons (kind of rubbery feel) reliably when I'm in a hurry, I unlock the safe when I go to bed and relock it when I get out of bed. I don't recommend the safe brand. I own a 5 of them and over time the electronic lock has broken on 3 of them. You then have to use the key to unlock them. I'm told that a simplex lock is the best solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazos Dan View Post

    I seldom keep a chambered striker on the stand unless it is in a retention holster that covers the trigger. If necessary, a rifle is only about 5 steps away.
    Good point.

    If I had a spare $800, Id pick up a nice steel Ruger Revolver for a bedside / walking around the house gun.
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    I keep my G17 on the nightstand but it is in a Raven holster I've owned for a few years that gently hugs the Streamlight TLR-1 HL and keeps the trigger covered. The retention is minimal and is removed from the firearm without any effort or drama. (But is sufficient to prevent an unforeseen mishap.)
    (I have to thank Tom @DSG for recommending it to me a few years back.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bofe954 View Post
    Can you measure that and tell me how tall it is with the lock? Ad says 3.6 inches and it just looks taller to me. Need something to fit under a shelf...
    The dimension they give is the box. The knob ads 1" to that. Also, with the door opening up how will this design work under a shelf once it's secured? Seems like a thinner design with the door opening from the front would work better. There is a model with a Simplex lock available that is 3-5/8" wide that can be mounted on it's side so the door opening like this. El Cid mentioned the website earlier in the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    I have this one bolted down in the bedroom. (Gun on nightstand at bedtime, locked away otherwise.)

    V-Line Brute

    I can fit a Glock 19, 17 and a J-frame in there at the same time with one layer of the pluck foam removed.
    I also purchased one of these as a quick access daytime safe for my wife and to keep kids out when I'm asleep. It's pretty heavy and easy to operate. The hydraulic arm makes a distinct "whoosh" sound when opening which I like (but my wife doesn't care for it at 5 AM every morning). Only downside is the door is somewhat slow to open due to the hold-back from the hydraulic arm. Might cost a half second at most so not a big deal for my purposes.

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