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Thread: Best way to keep your handgun safe yet accessible bedside?

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    I have had great luck over decades now with the Vline simplex lock safes, I use one of the Ft. Knox simplex lock versions bolted and chained into the console of my car for the days when I am flying and have to leave the pistol behind.

    My bias towards them is the "no batteries" and I can work the combination in the dark, or without seeing it at all. Simple to set your own combination.

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    I have a Hornady branded electronic safe. It has a keypad, RFID panel (I use a wrist bracelet) and a backup hidden key entry as well. Itís got a wall plug, and internal battery backup. Thatís about as many redundant ways possible, but still keeps it inaccessible to others. The door pops open when it unlocks. Iíve been using it for about 4 years.

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    I use a V-line rifle box with a simplex lock lag bolted to the wall. Recently I was at a locksmith and was impressed with the liberty smart vault that opened by fingerprint

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    I've very happy with my ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault. I keep it under my bed with a cable lock securing to the bed frame so you can't casually walk away with it.

    I can access it in less than 3 seconds once you memorize the key strokes and its big enough to (just) fit an M9A3 and the construction seems robust.

    I'm sure the electrical stuff is 99% reliable, but I prefer mechanical from a peace of mind standpoint.

    and the cable lock I use:

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    Simplex lock is what I trust.

    My preference:

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    I've been very happy with the FAS1 Magnum XL. Mine has the standard holster that keeps a G19 along with a holstered G26 and 4 loaded mags in the bottom. My favorite feature is the key lock can disable the simplex lock so that the combo will not work.

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    I currently use a Safariland QLS plate drilled into the nightstand with ALS holster mounted to it. This allows for safety from the pets and also requires a conscious action to draw, keeping me from unintentionally ending up with my finger on the trigger in the middle of the night. The gun is also my carry gun, so at the end of the day it goes off my belt and into the holster. The only time it is left "unattended" is while I'm asleep next to it. All other guns are locked up in one of the safes.

    I currently have no children.

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    We are in our 70's with no children in the house. I keep a handgun on the nightstand within easy reach. Most often it is a da/sa w/safety (safety on).

    I seldom keep a chambered striker on the stand unless it is in a retention holster that covers the trigger. If necessary, a rifle is only about 5 steps away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    I have this one bolted down in the bedroom. (Gun on nightstand at bedtime, locked away otherwise.)

    V-Line Brute

    I can fit a Glock 19, 17 and a J-frame in there at the same time with one layer of the pluck foam removed.
    Can you measure that and tell me how tall it is with the lock? Ad says 3.6 inches and it just looks taller to me. Need something to fit under a shelf...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bofe954 View Post
    Can you measure that and tell me how tall it is with the lock? Ad says 3.6 inches and it just looks taller to me. Need something to fit under a shelf...
    Stand by one and I'll be back and edit this post.

    ETA: Mine's in a bit of an awkward spot for a perfect measurement, but I'd say 4.5" to be safe...from the base to the top of the knob.
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