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Thread: Form 1 can builds

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    OK. I will admit Iím not an expert. He is an SOT, and he manufactured the can to begin with. So I went with the assumption that the serialized part was undamaged, and he was replacing other parts. I viewed it like replacing an end cap, or using two end caps, one in 22lr, one in 9mm (as the manufacturer). Again I could be completely wrong.
    Yes, as an SOT he can repair it.

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    I just submitted my form 1 and I'm going to use it for the kit I linked above. Well, not the whole kit just the tube and 7 cups. They don't have the adaptor I need so I'm going to make my own. And if I'm going to make the adaptor I may as well make the end cap also since I have 1/2 inch stainless bar stock.

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    After waiting for a little over 4 months the ATF finally gave me permission to drill.

    This is the kit I got from Straight Six Tactical. I decided to get the complete kit with heat treatment instead of making an endcap and adapter. It came with the Griffin adapter so I decided to get it so I could use it on different rifles. While I was waiting for the ATF I test fitted and found out their adapter, unfortunately, only works with the short EZ brake which I was not going to use.

    All the brakes I had were all too long and hit the first "cup". I ended up getting a Griffin Plan-A XL adapter giving me the extra space needed.
    This brought up another issue. The Griffin adapter would not screw on the tube. It seemed that the threads on the tube were not cut deep enough. SST sent me a shipping label to sent it back so they could fix it but I decided to take care of it myself and after about 20 minutes of elbow grease and some lapping compound I was able to get it to fit.

    Finally last week I was able to drill, assemble, and paint it with KG Kote. The first 30 rounds out of my 10.5 inch AR sounded great.

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    I had a chance to see how my can did with a Larson Davis LxT sound meter. I set it up one meter to the left of the muzzle. I'm not an expert but set it up as best as I could and think I got it right.

    Unsuppressed I got a 10 shot average of 164.9 dB. With the suppressor on the 10 shot velocity was 139.1 dB. This is with a 10.5 inch AR using Federal .223 62gr soft points. The can was drilled out to .30 cal.

    Next, I plan on trying a 16 inch AR in .223, and an 18 inch 6.5 Grendel. Then a 24 inch .308 bolt gun and a 26 inch .300 Win Mag.

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