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    Agencies in my area started to convert from revolvers to auto pistols in 1988.

    I was the assistant instructor for a bunch of the transition classes. Our classes took 24 hours and went through about 750 rounds. (The standardized lesson plan we worked off of required a minimum of 600 rounds)

    We had a target shed full of slightly water damaged B-27 and B-21 targets. We wanted to use them up, but we decided that the primary scoring zones were WAY too big and not located in the right places, so we used regular 8-1/2 by 11 typing paper to make the A zone, positioned high in the chest. They were convenient repair centers AND provided good contrast against the sights for people working on fundamental skills.

    If you look through the Action Target catalog you'll find that many states and agencies have their own target designs, in an attempt to have a target of more reasonable size with a more accurately placed primary scoring zone.

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