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Thread: Week 359: Original Air Marshall Pistol Qual

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    Week 359: Original Air Marshall Pistol Qual

    Week 359: Original Air Marshall Pistol Qual

    Results may be posted until March 14th, 2020.

    Range: 7 yards
    Target: Three (3) FBI QIT, IPSC metric, or IDPA targets
    Start Position: Varies
    Rounds Fired: 30

    This exercise will require you to engage multiple full size targets. The original Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course was designed to test FAMs immediately before a mission. The test has to be shot cold (no prior shooting that day). An Air Marshal who could not pass the TPC was not allowed to fly!

    You can download a score sheet with complete instructions here:

    1. Draw from concealment and fire one shot. Repeat. Total time for the two runs combined must be no more than 3.30 seconds.
    2. From the ready, fire two shots. Repeat. Total time for the two runs combined must be no more than 2.70 seconds.
    3. From the ready, six rounds on target. Time limit is 3.00 seconds and no shot-to-shot split can be greater than 0.60 seconds. (you do not repeat this string)
    4. From the ready, one shot, speed/in-battery reload, and one more shot. Repeat. Total time for the two runs combined must be no more than 6.50 seconds.
    5. From the ready, one round each at two targets at least 3yd apart. Repeat. Total time for the two runs combined must be no more than 3.30 seconds.
    6. Begin facing uprange concealed. On the buzzer, turn to your right and fire one round on each of three targets. Repeat a second time turning to your left. Total time for the two runs combined must be no more than 7.00 seconds.
    7. Begin with one round in the gun at the ready. On the buzzer fire, drop to one knee, reload from slidelock, and fire a second shot. Repeat. Total time for the two runs combined must be no more than 8.00 seconds.

    Scoring is as follows:

    Must finish within the indicated time limit for each string or you fail.

    If all of the times are achieved, you must also score 135 points out of 150 to pass.

    Shots completely inside the bottle (Q target), IPSC A/B/C zones, or IDPA 0/-1 zones score 5 points each. Hits that touch the line do not count.

    Shots that hit the target but don't score in the 5-point zones are 2 points each.

    Shots that miss the target earn no points.

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Pistol, holster, concealment (optional) used
    Pass or Fail
    Total number of points scored
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Marshal has one “L”.

    -That Guy

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    Well I really screwed that up! Thank you for the correction. If a mod can change the title that would be nice, but I can't and it's too late for me to edit the post either.
    Technical excellence supports tactical preparedness
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    AIWB holster, BFG ten speed double mag pouch
    T shirt w/Polartec top

    145 pts (29 good hits, one miss)
    FAIL, as I was over par time on the two stages requiring reloads. Obviously my reloads need work!

    Total time: 33.54

    1 - 2.76
    2 - 2.34
    3 - 2.10
    4 - 8.44 (fail, 6.5 par)
    5 - 2.58
    6 - 5.84
    7 - 9.48 (fail, 8.0 par)

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    I've shot this before, with similar results, did okay on time and hits, but sucked at the reloads. It's something I've been too lazy to work on, but should! (Dry, of course, with dummy rounds).

    Selfishly, I'll admit I like how forgiving this drill is, that is, not requiring only "A"/-0 hits.

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    Gen5 19MOS with ACRO&TLR7A mounted, out of a Tenicor ARX LUX holster, concealed under a fleece vest. Shot on “Q” coke bottle targets I found.
    “Fail”; one round off bottle during 180 turn string-I just fired it before the gun got there. I have not practiced turns in months, and it shows. 145 points with the miss.
    S1: 3.21 S2:2.08 S3:2.21 S4:6.05 S5:2.58 S6:6.78(-1 hit)S7:6.95
    So, I am content with almost all, to include the string 2 two shots at just over 1 second. A little practice on the turns, and I should be good to go.
    As an aside, at least a few strings would lend themselves to “low light”. I’m eagerly awaiting a JM holster for a TLR8, and might put it through the paces on this(after I pass...)

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    Oops-shot this afternoon some warmup shooting with a coworker-will do a run cold next week. Will report anyway:
    Gen5 Model 45 with ACRO, no light, out of a Tenicor ARX LUX under a jacket. The Tenicor works fine with or without a light.
    Pass, stipulating this wasn’t a cold run. Totals:
    S1:3.09 S2:2.14 S3:2.65 S4:6.27 S5: 3.15 S6:6.91 S7:6.8
    All hits “in the bottle”, so, 150 points I believe.
    Noted a couple of things: after working with a light for weeks, drawing/moving a gun without it, felt “lighter”, but I didn’t note any real difference in shooting or score.
    My other thought is that the Q “coke bottle” is pretty generous for a target. I’d prefer some of my hits to be higher, and have a little leeway on some times, so may work with that in mind. Also use a TLR8 in reduced light indoor range.
    Thanks for all the work that goes into this site.

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    Gen5G19MOS w/TLR8A attached, out of a JM Custom Kydex OWB2, concealed under a fleece vest. Shot on department indoor range in reduced light. I shot the “Ready” positions w/light and green laser activated. “Cold”, with about 6 dryfire draws for holster familiarization.
    “Pass”. Clean w/150 points. Totals as follows:
    S1:3.17 S2:2.22 S3:2.34 S4:5.63 S5:2.71 S6:6.54 S7:6.38
    Several notes: first, the JM holster is superb, and I have a holster for the TLR8! Thanks to Tony Mayer for expediting it so I can share with other instructors. Second, the green laser in this limited experience is a definite asset. I noted for example on the 6 shot string 3 that the shots were grouped tighter, and I think the laser has something to do with that. I was looking at ACRO red dot and green laser nearly superimposed on each other, and “looked” at the laser dot as it moved in recoil on the target. I can get the range to near total darkness, and may try that if time permits. The “A” high switch may allow for activation, even on Strings 1 and 6. Does one really need all the accoutrements? Not exactly, but very nice to have!
    Always need work on tighter grouping and speed from the holster, but I am pleased with this result.

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    Shot this before lunch, cold. Same gear Gen5G19MOS with ACRO& TLR8A.
    Concealed under a jacket on an indoor range, “low light”. I used the light/green laser combo on some runs(not the first single rounds).
    First round, disappointing miss, all others “clean in the bottle”=145 points. That alone will in all probability will prompt me to shoot it again(I can take down 3 points, but a miss!?).
    Totals: S1:3.07 S2:2.59 S3:2.72 S4:6.33 S5:2.57 S6:6.39 S7:6.88
    I dig the TLR8 (green)”A” switch. Actually activated it on a few runs from the “Ready”. Will certainly work in dry fire.
    I’ll do my best to reshoot a best!

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    Past due date, but I’ll sneak in. Gen5G19MOS on a lit indoor range. JMCK OWB2 under a fleece vest.
    150 points, time was a pass, all strings. S3 was w/TLR8 laser activated on lift-works on square range, white cardboard. Further investigation warranted.
    First string I am nervous about making time(an arguable flaw of timed drills), so one shot a bit high on bottle. Last string
    I fired a deliberate “head”/upper CNS/“precision” shot and made it at 3.83. So perhaps concern not always warranted.
    I appreciate the efforts of all here. Hopefully, more tests/drills as we move through these strange times...
    Take care all!

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