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Thread: Best action movie you’ve recently seen

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    Best action movie you’ve recently seen

    Even with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and now, Disney Plus (which we got for the kids), I struggle to find quality action movies. Do I have a dose of anhedonism, am I just too picky, or has the genre lost the attention of Hollywood?

    I could always rewatch some classics like The Dogs of War, The Wild Bunch, Heat, Predator, The Final Option, First Blood, Way of the Gun, etc., but I’d love something moderately well done and fairly new. What do you guys recommend? I know we all have different tastes, but I’d love some suggestions!

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    I enjoyed this movie. It was one of the better war movies in a long time.

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    Hard to say action is a dying genre with the success of the John Wick franchise in recent years. Sicario was probably one of the best recent efforts. The latest Mission Impossible films have had some insane stunt work. Peppermint had some decent Honey Badger work; I was entertained. Triple Frontier was solid for a Netflix production, and it opened to Metallica.
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    « Mission Impossible — Fallout » is spectacular. I think it’s on Amazon Prime.

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    Eastern Promises FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    Eastern Promises FTW!
    And The Accountant.

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    I thought the new Bad Boys movie was pretty good.

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    Also, not a movie, but the new season of Strike Back starts tonight.

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    All our American awesomeness seems to have rubbed off onto South Korea in the past decade.

    Check out Man from Nowhere. Ravenger. And Rampant.

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    Thanks for this thread.

    I think I have also become less tolerant of overlooking dumb shit in order to get to the shit that amuses me. Last night (even while stuck alone in a hotel room) I switched away from something (don't remember the name of the movie, not wanting to look it up) where Bruce Willis was obviously gonna be wreaking some entertaining havoc, but when the premise of the plot became the kidnapping of an oblivious girl who was sooooooooooo upset by the assault she just experienced in the bar that she just HAD to go stand by herself out in a dark alley behind the bar and try and call her boyfriend who didn't answer because he had a lap full of strippers, well that just exceeds my tolerance stack-up of dumb shit.
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