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Thread: Novice Question on Barrel moment

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    Novice Question on Barrel moment

    OK so I am a novice and I just purchased a Canik TP9SF Elite. I brought it home and looked it over and cleaned it first. I noticed when the slide or breach is open and locked in the open position. (sorry if I am not using the proper technical terms?) Anyhow at that point I noticed that the barrel has the ability to move ever so slightly or rattle if I move the gun about. When she is closed I do not notice this at all. Is this typical in most to all pistols of this design? I know there is not much holding it tightly into place when in this position, but wondering if this is typical.
    PS. I would not call it loose, just has some ability to move slightly.

    Thanks for helping out a guy with a dumb question.

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    Fear not, totally normal for the browning tilting barrel design.

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