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Thread: Asking for a friend

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    Your friend’s huckleberry:

    They’re currently having a 10 percent off sale, with free shipping. You can get, say, the Apollo minimalist for 45 bucks—which, as noted, is about all I’d spend on the kit.

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    I’ve passed in all of your suggestions to him as well as trying out other platforms ASAP.

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    It has a rail. Mount a TLR on it and get a Philster floodlight. It is ambi, and can be carried IWB or AIWB. Retention is on the light instead of the trigger or slide, so it will work with any future gun as long as the light is mounted.

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    I know this is gonna get me shunned…

    ETA: I think they are on Amazon for $29.

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    …..well if we are going that route, We The People have make one for the SR-9C (I am guessing external dimensions are the same). I used one of theirs for a while. They are well made for cheapie, but replace the clip with pull the dot loops or a belt loop you can drill holes for. The stock clip works, but its sketchy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post
    I know this is gonna get me shunned…

    ETA: I think they are on Amazon for $29.
    Friends don't let friends Fobus (or so I'm told).

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