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Thread: KAC URX 3.1 - Assembly

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    KAC URX 3.1 - Assembly

    Hey all,

    I'm close to picking up a couple URX 3.1 handguards, mainly because I've always wanted one and I'm able to pick it up for a song ($100 brand new w/o barrel nut).

    I figure I'd get a steel barrel nut from D. Wilson, which then makes it about $140 for the rail - still a great price.

    However, the silly wrench costs $115. I know D. Wilson made a version that was cheaper at some point, and I'm trying to track one of them down.

    If I can't find a cheaper D Wilson version, then the total cost to get into the URX is at the price similar to any Geissele or Hodge/Zev handguard.

    Am I just falling for KAC nostalgia or is the URX 3.1 still a valid handguard?

    Anybody have any insight into the strength of the attachment versus something like a Geissele/Wedgelock?

    How difficult is the assembly? I have a Midwest Industries URR, but it seems like it is best to have a clamshell type device to ensure proper alignment of the handguard and upper once you have it basically threaded. Also, I've read you don't use any grease like Aeroshell 33MS on the barrel nut/handguard, instead KAC recommends Loctite/Rocksett?

    I appreciate any insight!

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    I've always liked the 3.1. It screws onto the barrel nut. I still think it's one of the best out there.

    Good stout design with a removable bottom half for cleaning or whatever.

    Geissele is strong, but stupid strong. A big ass chunk of aluminum with some bolts through it, and then some lugs with some little setscrews to clamp the upper so it doesn't spin. I was embarrassed for Geissele when I saw how they did the handguard-barrel nut interface. Crude.

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    Itís a good rail, but I guess you have to really have a desire to have it. I did a build utilizing the 3.1 on a 9Ē 300 BO barrel. I bought the KAC wrench because that was the only one I could find at the time. There are two lower priced options other than the KAC branded wrench. Iíve loaned mine out to others and would offer it to you but Iím away from home and itíll be a while until I return. You might just try posting on a few sights to borrow one. I used Aeroshell and havenít experienced any issues.

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