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    Our Mission

    Hello Pistol-Forum,
    We at Green-Ops are pleased to announce our Supporting Business forum section here on PF.

    Veteran Owned and Operated

    Our mission is to provide students with the same level of training given to military and law enforcement special operations units. Why should your training be any less special?

    Teaching Since 2005

    We have the experience to teach you to operate your firearms proficiently and to do so with tactical proficiency in a defensive situation.

    Based in Northern Virginia

    Come to us or we will come to you. We provide firearms training in Northern Virginia or mobile to your location. We can bring a training team to your area, anywhere in the country.



    Police and Law Enforcement

    The average police academy spends 2 weeks during training focusing on firearms skills.
    After graduation, most police officers qualify 1-2 times per year.
    Nationally, the average hit ratio for police officer-involved shootings is 17 percent (roughly 1 hit per 6 shots fired).
    In 1992, according to the NYPD, shootings at distances 7-15 yards had a hit ratio of 4.2 percent.

    Career Criminals
    Interviews with career criminals reveal that they train almost 2 times a month with their handguns.
    Career criminals have an advantage because they train more.

    Compare your firearms or CCW training to that of law enforcement, military, and career criminals. Based on the previous information, we can conclude two things:

    Your initial CCW training wasn't extensive enough.
    You're not doing enough sustainment training.


    Since average military and police training is not sufficient and firearms skills are perishable, we recommend the following:

    Seek professional training.
    Find competent instructors with the ability to teach the skills necessary to win a gunfight.

    Document your training.
    Upon completion of training, reputable instructors will award certificates. Their course outlines should also be available to you.

    Conduct sustainment training.
    Taking several courses throughout the year will exceed most law enforcement agencies' sustaining training requirements.

    Our Instructor Bios are HERE, and our class schedule is HERE

    We look forward to hearing from our PF family & hope to see you on the range!
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