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Thread: S&W 10-6 Cylinder Release or Open

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    S&W 10-6 Cylinder Release or Open

    Purchased one of the $249.00 shooter grade revolvers late last year being sold from a couple online dealers. At initial inspection and continuing into the first range session the cylinder would not open consistently and was hanging up or sticking when it would release/open. The extractor rod had a noticeable curve to it. Ordered springs, center pin and extractor rod from Midway, nothing was rod/pin even close to correct size. Ordered more parts from Numrich only to discover cylinder will not open at all now. Funny thing the center pin they sent me was different from the existing one, from the shoulder forward it stopped flush at the end of the cylinder and did not protrude the cylinder. Extractor rod is tight with no dirt or grime under the extractor what should I look for or correct next? Thanks
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    You can try taking the ejector rod apart. Then maybe straighten it out by rolling it on a flat surface.
    Also there may be crud in the internals.
    I have model 10 that I did that with.
    There have been so many changes made to the model 10 that's it's pretty hard to find the correct parts.
    It seems even within a model 10-6, 10-7 etc there are small differences.

    You may be able to find complete part kits on ebay, and swap out all of the internals. Don't know how well that would work though.

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