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Thread: 9mm Chronograph Data

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    FWIW... and spence you may find this interesting.

    16" PCC colt pattern velocities. 129 different factory unds chrono'd.\

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    Namely went at it today for comparison's sake between barrels, and this Scorpio ammo SG has now vs other 124's.

    Test data as follows. 5.03" was a G22 gen 3, Wolf 9mm barrel. 4.9" - standard M9. 4.3S is the stainless LTT Centurion barrel, 4.3" standard 92 compact barrel. I was curious how the Wolf barrel would compare to the M9's, and if the LTT barrels varied any from a standard 92. It would appear they do not.

    I threw in a bunch of oddball ammo I had leftover from the big chronograph adventure I had a couple months ago for all four barrels. Threw in a couple other 124's just for comparison to the new Scorpio ammo.

    It would appear to me that the Scorpio is right there in the same ballpark as the other 124 grain stuff I've chronographed previously. It's plenty accurate, too. I'll buy more if that's the load they have in stock when I go to buy ammo.

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