Look for the 2011 STI Koala's to pop up on the site some time this week. If any P-F members have a need for one, we can get them in the queue before they're live on the site. Email us for this.

We have a new pad variant going up soon too. The molded pad is great, but we went with a different feel and something that's a little wider overall. The teardrop fits in the pelvic crease quite well, the flat drop will too, but have a little more outward rotation. Pics to follow shortly.

The left handed Dark Wing has been on the site for a few weeks now, but we've not mentioned it here. All left handed products are shipping with the Dark Wing now and we are looking to add some more left handed models in the near future.

SP101 2" and 3"
K6S 2" and 3"
Shadow 2 Orion and Osiris
Universal 92 Osiris
Left handed Universal 92 Orion
PX4 Orion and Osiris