We have a Three Day Defensive Shotgun Instructor Development Course coming at Ares Training Center in Leesburg, Florida on March 6-8. This is a brand new outdoor training center and weather should be perfect for training. See https://www.eventbrite.com/e/defensi...ts-62172961000 .

Defensive Shotgun Instructor Course
The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile weapons available to the average private citizen or police officer. It is also the least understood and most under-utilized weapon system. Learn how to teach students to properly select, modify, feed and operate the defensive shotgun for optimum effectiveness. This intensive course will teach you efficient techniques for handling and shooting the shotgun under stressful conditions.

Topics covered include:
Firearms safety, including considerations specific to shotguns
Selection of the fighting shotgun
Modifications and Accessories
Ammunition selection and capabilities
Patterning for optimum performance
Nomenclature and mechanical operation
Shooting technique
Loading/reloading techniques
Safe storage and ready conditions, including cruiser ready
Care and maintenance
Adult teaching methods
Training aids

Instructor candidates will receive an extensive training manual and an over two hour long instructional DVD as part of the training package.

Students will need 300 rounds of birdshot, 150 rounds of buckshot, and 30 slugs. We will have some properly set up loaner shotguns available.

To graduate from this course, student instructors will have to pass a shooting qualification and a written test on the material covered in the course.